Ideas for a colorful birthday decoration

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Decor : Ideas for a colorful birthday decoration

Birthday decoration

Are you used to celebrating birthday at home? Do you enjoy planning each and every detail for the party? If so, you probably thrive on different ideas here and there to make it special, are we wrong? At Bezzia we also want to help you by sharing with you different ideas for a colorful birthday decoration.

Why full of color? Because using color in order to stimulate joy, we believe that it is always a great alternative. Intense yellows, oranges, blues, purples, pinks and greens will help create fun and happy spaces that both children and adults will appreciate.

There are many elements to pay attention to achieve a round birthday decoration. The combination of some garlands, balloons and other elements that decorate the walls is key for people to get into the environment. And the table should not be neglected, the decoration of which will be different if it is prepared to eat or uses cold or sweet snacks for everyone.


If you want to create a happy and fun environment, colors such as yellow, orange, pink or green become great allies. Use intense hues of them, combined with other softer of these or other colors will help to create a more balanced environment. Take a look at the following images for inspiration!

Colors for decorating a birthday party

Garlands, balloons and other decorative elements

Garlands are a key element in decorating birthday parties. They fill the space, bring a lot of color and they are cheap. You can buy them, but also make them with your own hands with colored cardboard or wool. At Bezzia we have loved the watermelon-shaped garlands and those made with party hats, and you?


The balloons They are also an excellent choice. You can attach them to the wall or use them as a centerpiece. They bring a festive air to the spaces without too much work, although there are very original ideas that you can implement by working a little more. Do you like ice cream cones made with balloons like us?

Balloons and other decorative elements

In addition there are many other decorative elements with which you can decorate the wall of that room in which you are going to celebrate the birthday party. The colored rosettes they are a great option; you can learn to do them with this tutorial. Another classic is cut letters to create the words “Happy Birthday”. You can use cardstock, magazine clippings … be original!


You are going to offer your guests a lunch, a dinner or a buffet, decorate the table It will help you to round off the birthday decoration. Do you have a white tablecloth? Then you can create one like the one in the second image with a few brush strokes of paint, following the steps of Oh Happy Day.

A tablecloth with a colorful print such as this will allow you to easily add color to the table. Although if you prefer, you can also do it through colored plates, glasses and / or napkins. In decoration stores you will find all kinds of alternatives, disposable and non-disposable for your party.

Birthday table decoration

Do you prefer something simpler, a subtle detail that helps you give your table that celebratory touch? Bet on a eye-catching centerpiece, a card on each plate or decorate the straws in an original way as shown in the image immediately above this paragraph. If you like the idea of ​​decorating them with fruits made from cardboard and balloons, just follow this tutorial from Olivia’s Party to create your own.

You will not need to incorporate each and every one of the ideas that we propose to you to achieve a fun birthday decoration. It will be enough that choose two or three of them -those that best reflect the character of the person who turns birthday- to give your kitchen or living room the festive air you are looking for. All the guests will be infected by that optimism that the environment invites, we assure you!

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