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If you are thinking of redecorating or renovating your kitchen, it is essential that you know the different styles and designs that you have at your disposal. Today we are going to focus on modern kitchens, which are one of the most demanded designs in recent years and which can be a sensational option for you to achieve a practical, beautiful and functional kitchen.

At the time of design your kitchen It is essential that you take into account what space you have available, just as you have to assess the amount of natural light to be able to see which colors are the most appropriate to achieve a space that gives the feeling of being spacious.

All the photographs that we show you in the article belong to the Schmidt store, specialists in designer kitchens and that, as you will see, they can be adapted to all types of space and lighting conditions. In such a way that you can find modern minimalist designs, others that are reminiscent of more traditional kitchens with a premium on wood, among others.

If you like kitchens that are based on “less is more” we recommend this simple kitchen, with straight and well-defined lines, with original and well-cared storage spaces. Also, look at the color scheme of this furniture, a mix between white and light wood, a great set to include appliances in shades of black.

The u-shaped kitchens they are a perfect way to make the most of your space. This type of design can be phenomenal for large kitchens but it can also be adapted to smaller kitchens, since in this store they design custom furniture.

Another highlight of this kitchen is the combination of colors. On this occasion we find a blue tone to do that provides a perfect touch of color, transmits tranquility and that highlights more the cabinets in light tones.

Do not lose sight of the kitchens with a Nordic touch, like this model where we can see some simple lines in the furniture but in which the solid wood of the countertop stands out. In addition, the color combination is great, with the black and white tones that we can find in the appliances, the chairs, the sink, the window, the lamps and the combination of the tiling. An inspiring design for large and small spaces that breaks with the monochrome of white.

Look at this design for small spaces and how the large volumes that compose it are the protagonists. We have to highlight the multifunctional island located in the center that increases the possibilities of this space. As a detail, it has a cellar-type cabinet to store food and that can be removed with great ease.

A kitchen with Scandinavian style that has angle furniture that allow you to take advantage of all the space and that come to meet you when you open them. Also noteworthy in this design is the suspended countertop with a glass platform, the white colors that enhance the luminosity of the space and make it seem much more spacious.

A modern kitchen with green furniture and combined with storage furniture in white tones, a combination that enlivens the room and in relaxing colors. Its design is ideal for those who want to enjoy a complete but without losing space, which has a good storage area and without losing design. To highlight, the hood lacquered in the same color as the furniture and that the furniture in green tea tone has smooth horizontal lines that give it a modern air.

Again, we find a u-shaped open kitchen that adapts perfectly to the space available for said room, without losing its design or functionality. On this occasion, we find a kitchen with all the furniture low, leaving only a high-height metal shelf.

A detail of the Schmidt store that can be great for you, especially if you like any of the kitchens that we have indicated, is that they can be customized both in color and in measurements to your tastes, at the same time that you can count on the guide of interior design professionals to create a unique kitchen.

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