Ideas for painting walls in an original way

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Decor : Ideas for painting walls in an original way

Painting walls

Walls are one of the areas that we tend to pay the least attention to. Sometimes we realize that they are boring or that we could do much more with them, so we look for ways to renew them without having to invest too much. Well, the easiest way to change the aspect of a wall is with paint.

We’ll see some ideas to paint walls in an original way. There are many different ideas that can help us to give life and color to our walls. So go buy paint cans and dare with the most amazing effects.

Gradient walls

Gradient walls

An effect that can completely change how we see our walls is that of gradient. Is about use different shades of paint to create a gradient effect on the walls. In the same shade, we are superimposing ever lighter shades until we achieve white or one of the lighter shades used. This can also be done using the color and mixing white with it in different amounts, as this will lighten the tone. The result is a very original wall that also has an artistic touch.

Geometric forms

Geometric forms

With the arrival of the Nordic style we find that geometric shapes have become fashionable again. From triangles to lines that form angles in different directions or squares. The case is to use those lines and geometric shapes to give a modern and special touch to our walls. If we have a Nordic atmosphere, this ideas is perfect, since it offers us the possibility of also finding accessories that combine with that geometric idea of ​​the walls.

Mountains on the walls

Mountains on the walls

An idea that we have been able to see in some children’s rooms and that is very original is to paint happy mountains. The mountains can be painted by hand, with irregularities or with ribbons to create a geometric effect, which is something that looks a lot like we say in Scandinavian spaces. These mountains are often added in children’s rooms, but they can be a great idea for a living room or an adult bedroom.

Painting walls with polka dots

Polka Dot Walls

The moles or large circles They can be a good idea to paint a wall. We can do it with a sponge that has the shape of a circle, which we will dip in the paint and then shape the circles along the walls. Another way to make these small painted details on the walls is with stencils that are cut out on cardboard and then used to paint, either with spray or paint.

Use lines on the walls

Walls with lines

If you want to use lines to decorate the walls, whether they are symmetrical or not, you can use tape. With the tape and measuring the exact places in which we want to put the lines, we can make totally perfect lines, something that is surprising. So we can have some creative and unique walls.

Striped walls

Stripes on the walls

Another idea that allows us to play with the visual effects is to create stripes on the walls, which also stylizes our walls. We can make stripes of different colors and tones that contrast a lot. From multi-tone to two-tone stripes only. The idea is very fun and always gives an original touch to the walls.

Water paint

Water walls

There is a very artistic idea that looks really good on the walls. It is about using the water paint effect. The walls are painted with soft touches of color, with a bohemian and chic style that is ideal for any space.

Paint half the wall

Half of the painted wall

This is a really simple idea but it gives a different look to everything. With this trick we can wear strong colors, since we are only going to paint half the wall.

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