Ideas of a country house so you can take advantage of your mortgage credit

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12 Casitas ideal to choose from when you get your first loan to buy a land !!

Ideas of a country house so you can take advantage of your mortgage credit.

These models of country houses are wonderful for your country house that you want to build in the future to take advantage of your infonavit credit or fovisste credit.

Everybody dreams of the idea of ​​being able to build the house of our dreams from scratch, however, when starting a family, this is generally not possible and we then have to choose to choose a previously built house.

But I assure you, sooner or later you will get into your life, the opportunity to acquire land and be able to build in the Una Hermosa Casa de Campo, where you will spend the best hours or even better, days of retirement where you will find yourself in full relaxation and family life.

And if you are going through this moment, we bring for you "12 Country House designs, ideal to build when you get your first credit."

When it is time to start construction, it is important to keep in mind that there are 3 Basic steps so that The construction of That Dream Home is a total success and then I describe them to you:

  • Step 1 develop a needs chart

It is important that you start asking the following questions: how many bedrooms do I need now? Will I need others in the future? Do I like to have meetings at home or am I not very social? Do I want a functional kitchen? Do I plan to build a second floor later ?.

  • Step number 2: Zoning the house

It is vital to carry out this step, since this will depend on the correct function of each area of ​​your home, and fulfill the purpose for which it was designed.

Draw a plan of the hand with an architect, he can reflect the idea of ​​the ideal house you are looking for with everything you need and even an extra.

It is vital for you to observe how your country house will be distributed.

But let's see now, those 12 beautiful and functional designs of country houses, ideal to be built on the Land you just acquired:

  • A rustic touch with a nice porch

Many times we look for a rustic touch with a nice porch, keep in mind that according to the climate of your city you should choose the most appropriate porch for that house, we recommend you approach an architect and make a suggested work plan.

Rustic wooden country house
Rustic wooden country house

How beautiful to spend a weekend in a beautiful country house that invites you to total rest. I love this idea because it has a beautiful front porch, surrounded by nature and garden furniture.

  • Steakhouse area and rustic design

Take note that when we are thinking about the area of ​​roast and rustic design, you do not need to spend so much on details to carry out the project, if you realize this idea corresponds to a completely rustic design, where the bricks are exposed and Rungs used in its construction.

However, I think it is perfect to create a barbecue area right in front of the house, to spend beautiful moments sharing family grills.

12 Country House designs

The distribution is very good; This idea consists of 2 areas for bedrooms (one larger than the other), bathroom to share and the rest would be to distribute the kitchen and living room, ideal for a plot of 42 m2.


12 Country House designs

  • Larger spaces, 3 bedrooms

If you have a bigger land and budget, this idea would suit you very well. 3 bedrooms where 2 have their own bathroom, an area for dining, another for kitchen and if that were not enough, it also has a living room. Ideal to be built on a plot of 72 m2.

12 Country House designs

  • Design with tile and wood

We find a design in light tones and some wood applications, surrounded by a world of nature.

12 Country House designs

  • Laja and palapa stone country house

It is impossible to build a country house without a palapa, don't you think so? In this design we observe a house with more elegant touches, the rustic stone applied to one of the walls gives it a unique and beautiful touch.

12 Country House designs

cottage with fountain and tile roof
cottage with fountain and tile roof

A design to be built on a plot of 42 m2, with distribution of 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, kitchen, living room and porch. The facade of the house includes tile and a small fountain in the garden area.

  • Elegance and sophistication

Elegant country houses
Elegant country houses

I love the beauty of this house; This idea has 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, living room, kitchen and dining room with a front porch where you can spend hours with your family.

White and tile country house
White and tile country house

A somewhat common but beautiful idea. This house starts from the most basic design, having the white tone as the protagonist and details in tile that give it that country touch.

I hope that these ideas are very useful and you can build a country house that suits your needs, budgets and tastes.

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