Ideas that help you decorate the walls

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Decor : Ideas that help you decorate the walls

Decorated walls

Home decoration has many details that we must pay attention to and one of them resides on the walls, that place that sometimes we do not know how to decorate or highlight. The walls serve us as a wonderful canvas in which to capture different ideas and styles. Not only do we help each other with painting but there are many decorative details that are ideal for this area.

Let’s see some great ideas that help you decorate the walls. They are varied ideas and serve to highlight this area, so you can implement them in your home to change the appearance of the rooms completely.

Decorate with paint

Painted walls

Paint is one of the first things we are going to use to condition a wall. It is undoubtedly one of our allies when it comes to changing the walls. We can use paint to give everything a touch, with a new tone that we like. It is also possible to do new things with paint, using geometric figures or mixing colors with surprising effects such as gradient.

Use pretty pictures

Walls with pictures

Paintings are a very special detail that can undoubtedly give the ideal touch to any wall. The paintings can show scenes that we like, landscapes or simply colors that we find pleasant. Sometimes we think that it is not easy to decorate with paintings but today there is a lot of freedom in this regard. The compositions of different pictures can be very pretty if we know how to do them. It is about using various pictures with something that is similar, from the frames to the tones, so that they have a homogeneous and harmonic touch, even if we arrange them irregularly.

Hats on the walls

hats for the wall

This idea is really different, but you can give our walls a very special bohemian touch. Use hats that you like and that have a certain similar style to decorate the walls. It is a very fun idea that makes an element like this a decorative piece. In this case we are talking about hats, but you can also use other objects such as plates or guitars. It all depends on your tastes and hobbies.

Decorate with mirrors

Mirrors on the wall

Mirrors can be perfect to visually expand any space but also to decorate. it’s possible find mirrors in many sizes and even materials and different tones, so we can choose according to the type of decoration we have. Mirrors can help us decorate in many ways. We can use a single large mirror, since they are a trend, but we also have the idea of ​​using several small mirrors with materials such as wicker, with different designs.

Use the wallpaper

Painted paper

Wallpaper can be another of the great materials that we can use to decorate our walls. Yes choose a wallpaper full of colors and prints you can use it only on one part of the wall. For the kitchen area for example it can be used in a front and in the living room in the television area. The idea is to highlight only one part of the room to use the wallpaper as a striking and decorative element.

Have fun with vinyls

Wall stickers

The vinyls can be another of the things that are used to highlight the walls and have fun decorating. In general these vinyls are usually put in places like children’s rooms, because they are usually objects, animals or phrases. However, there are also specific ones for the bathroom or kitchen with messages designed for this area. Even at the entrance of the home they put special vinyls to welcome. In addition, it is an element that you can put on or take off whenever you want.

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