Ideas to create a small sewing corner at home

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Decor : Ideas to create a small sewing corner at home

Sewing corner at home

When the space to create a corner dedicated to our hobbies is small, both creativity and order are essential. Do you like to give clothes a second chance? Do you enjoy creating small textiles to decorate your home? Do you design your own clothes? If so, reserve a small space in your home for a sewing corner.

Creating a small sewing corner will allow you to enjoy this passion more comfortably. No longer will you have to move sewing tools from here to there every time you want to sew. The sewing machine, as well as all your tools will have their place. A work table and storage solutions is all you need to get started.

Before we start creating a reading corner think about where you are going to place it. Depending on where you place your space, it may be convenient to bet on storage solutions that are hidden from view or even folding work surfaces that, while not stuffing, do not congest the room. Have you already got an idea of ​​what you want? Now we can analyze the different ideas to create your little sewing corner.

Hidden or in sight?

There are many possibilities to create small sewing corners. When these occupy a space in a common room there are many who bet to hide them from view, thus reducing the visual disorder in it. In those cases place them in the recess of a built-in wardrobe or an architectural space that allows you to easily add some doors later is an always interesting option.

Hidden sewing corner

Another option is modify the interior of a closet exempt to create a space in which you can work. How? Incorporating a folding and / or removable work surface and storage solutions. It will not be a large size but it can be sufficient if you do not sew daily or do only small arrangements. When the doors are closed, no one will know it is there.


What do you need? It is difficult to imagine a sewing corner without a sewing machine, needles, threads, scraps, scissors … It is the first thing that comes to mind. However, there are other essential furniture and accessories in a reading corner:

  • A work surface in which to install the sewing machine that, in addition, allows you to stretch the fabrics to draw and cut the different patterns. If you don’t normally work with very large patterns, you can bet on extendable tables that don’t take up unnecessary space.
  • A good chair. How do you work more comfortably? If you spend a few hours a week sewing, perhaps this point is not important and you can use a chair that you already have at home; in the kitchen, for example. However, if you are going to spend several hours a day sitting you should make sure it is comfortable. Choose one with a back; It will allow you to maintain a good position and protect your back.
  • A lamp. Sewing requires precision, which is why lighting plays such an important role in this space. Placing the sewing corner next to a window will allow you to take advantage of natural light during the day, thus giving your sight a breath. When the sun goes down, a lamp with a powerful white light can supply the natural light. A flexo with a steerable arm is one of the most practical alternatives.
  • Storage to store all your supplies. Closed, open, or a combination of both. The key to keeping the space practical and uncluttered.

Sewing corner

Storage solutions

Today there are numerous solutions to organize this type of space. Perforated panels They are, in addition to being inexpensive, very versatile. It will be very easy to place in these baskets, small shelves and hooks to organize pens, squares, squares, scissors, threads and notebooks in which to take notes.

Organization of the sewing corner

The idea is to have the tools that you use the most in sight and the rest in closed storage systems. Bet on a shelves to organize the magazines and fabrics with which you are currently working and incorporate drawers of different sizes to keep in boxes and folders patterns, small scraps, lace …

Do you now have a clearer idea of ​​how to create a small sewing corner?

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