Ideas to create furniture with pallets

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Decor : Ideas to create furniture with pallets

Furniture with pallets

Pallets are mainly used to store and transport goods. However, in recent decades many have taken advantage of these to create furniture pieces with which to make your homes more functional. And you, do you need ideas to create furniture with pallets?

Pallets are not only inexpensiveThey are also easily manipulated, which allows the creation of numerous low-cost furniture pieces from their pieces. Garden furniture was the first that many of us dared to experiment with. Today, however, the possibilities are endless.

Coffee tables

A side table turns out very practical in the living room to put down our drink, the book we are reading or enjoy a casual dinner without leaving the sofa. They are a great alternative, in addition, to work with pallets for the first time since we will not need to manipulate them excessively.

Coffee tables for the living room

Bet on a pallet for a simple coffee table or for two pallets stacked to create a coffee table with storage space. It incorporates metal wheels to give the table an industrial air and to be able to move it easily. And to finish, customize the surface with a cement tile, custom glass or ceramic tiles.

Kitchen islands

You can build impressive work tables for the kitchen using pallets as legs, either by stacking them one on top of the other until the appropriate height is achieved, or by placing them vertically. To finish the project you will only need to add a work surface. At Bezzia we love the idea of ​​combining wooden legs with a concrete surface. Isn’t that an original way to create a large kitchen island? But you can also bet on a wooden surface.

Kitchen islands


Simple furniture made from pallets can turn your terrace into a chill out space in which to relax. You will be surprised how simple it is to create seats using these wooden elements as a base and incorporating on these mats and cushions to make them more comfortable and bring warmth to the whole. Complete the set with a small side table and some point of light that allows you to enjoy the space also at night and you will achieve a perfect low-cost space.

Sofas with pallets for the terrace

You can also use the pallets to create indoor sofas. Its modular character and the ease with which these can be manipulated will allow you to maximize that now empty space to which you want to give a relaxed family atmosphere.

Indoor sofas made with pallets

Keep in mind that the design of the sofa will determine its greater or lesser comfort. Find the right height so that the whole family can relax, stacking several pallets and using mats also as a backrest. Y play with the length of the structure to create a space on each side in which to organize the magazines or place the teacup.


Another of the simplest and most striking ways of using pallets is creating with these vertical gardens with which to give a green touch to our balcony or terrace. You can use the pallet itself as a support and use the legs as a planter by adding a base to these.

Planters with pallets

In addition to vertical gardens, among the easiest to create pallet furniture are planters. To do them you will only need disassemble and reconfigure the pallet parts using a saw, sandpaper, drill or hammer and tips. If they are large, add some wheels to make it easier for you to move them and if you are going to hang them, bet on a small or medium size and use chains or ropes to suspend them.

There are innumerable advantages that encourage us to create furniture with pallets. It is probably the economic one that has caught your attention the most, but it may not be the most important. The natural tones of the wood add warmth and a very modern rustic and industrial touch to the different rooms. In addition, changing its appearance is very easy with a coat of paint or the incorporation of other materials such as glass or tile into the project. Have we convinced you?

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