Ideas to decorate a charming hall

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Decor : Ideas to decorate a charming hall

Decorate the hall

The lobby area is quite an important place in the home because it is the first thing that is seen of our house when we receive visitors. The hall should be a place where we also focus our efforts to make it very charming and make everyone feel comfortable in it, while also being a functional space.

The first impressions always count and the hall is what makes the first impression on our house. That is why it is also important to take into account the decoration and details in this part of our home.

Increase your clarity

The first thing to avoid is that the hall remains dark and unwelcoming, since it is an entrance and exit area that should give way to our house. On many occasions the hall does not have any natural light and this is a problem. So we must increase the feeling of luminosity. One of the best tricks to do this is always use light colors in the hall area, with white, light beige or yellow tones that give a lot of light to everything.

Use a mirror

Mirror in the hall

Mirrors not only help us see ourselves before leaving the house, but they are also ideal for reflecting light. This reflection of the light makes our hall seem more spacious. You can put a long mirror or a small one depending on the space you have available in the entrance area. It is always advisable not to exceed in size with the furniture and details if the hall is not very large. Also choose a mirror that has the same style as the entrance furniture and as your home.

Functional furniture

Multifunctional furniture

If you want your entrance to be more functional, choose a piece of furniture that has several functions. Some add a coat rack in addition to a console at the entrance, but coat racks tend to take up too much space if they are standing. So today we already have furniture that is multifunctional for these cases. Buy one of those pieces of furniture that has a coat rack, a mirror and a drawer and thus you will have all the functions in a single piece that can be attached to the wall and that is designed to make the most of the entrance space.

A stylish console

Hall with console

If you do not want to put a piece of furniture that is too large in the area of ​​your hall, you can also opt for a console that has style. The consoles are small pieces of furniture that we use to leave the keys and to put some detail like air freshener or scented candles, so that the entrance area is much more welcoming. There are many consoles with different styles, from a minimalist style to others more chic and even some of rustic or classic style. This piece of furniture should be bought according to the style that reigns in the house so that everything is combined in this way and so that upon entering the hall the guests can get an idea of ​​what the rest of the house is like.

The pretty wallpaper

Painted paper

Another detail that can be used in this type of ticket is the wallpaper. This paper can really brighten up the hall area by making that it becomes a totally different space. We must avoid using papers with too dark tones, because at the entrance they could make everything seem smaller, but those with cheerful and vibrant colors are ideal for this area. As for the patterns, there are many ideas, from tropical-style leaves that will add freshness to the entrance to classic stripes in various colors.

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