Ideas to decorate and organize a modern garage

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Decor : Ideas to decorate and organize a modern garage

Modern Garages

The garage is a space where the necessary resources are rarely allocated to create a space that is practical and aesthetically pleasing. This trend, however, is changing. And you can join it by applying the ideas to decorate and organize a modern garage that we share with you today.

The garage is the space for storing the car, however, in many homes this space also ends up becoming a workshop, pantry or improvised space to store gardening supplies or sports equipment. Think about what use we want to give it and what are our needs in this commonly overused space, will be key to achieve a satisfactory result.

Garage doors

The garage door is generally located in the main facade of the house and occupies a large part of it. Your choice, therefore, can favor but also ruin the overall appearance of it. Garage doors also help us to provide greater security to our home, so your choice should not be taken lightly.

Modern garage doors

If we look at the materials, the doors made of wood or steel they are the favorites to decorate modern garages. If these, in addition, incorporate insulating qualities, they become a great ally to contribute to energy saving. Regarding the opening and closing systems, the rolling and tilting doors are considered the most comfortable.

Colors for a modern garage

Garages are usually spaces without natural light and therefore tend to be favored by the use of luminous colors like white. This is, in fact, the most popular color for painting walls and ceiling. And also our favorite combined with the currently fashionable color in interior design: gray.

Colors for a modern garage

In spaces with a lot of traffic and in which it is easier for dirt to accumulate such as the garage, the different shades of gray they represent a more discreet choice than white. You can apply it on the floor, on the walls or even on the furniture combined with white to achieve greater luminosity.

In addition, it may be interesting to incorporate pieces in wood that reinforce the warmth of this space, as well as nuances of color that break with monochrome and give it personality. Oranges, yellows and blues are the most common in a modern garage, do you dare with them?

Storage systems

What use are you going to give it? Determining how you are going to use the garage and what type of items you need to store will help you choose the best system or set of systems. Only by going ahead, you will be able to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing modern garage where everything has its place.

Do you need a pantry room?

If you want the garage to also serve as a pantry, you will need a storage system capable of holding very different products. Place cabinets along a whole wall of the garage, if the width allows it, and provide them with removable shelves and drawers adjustable in height is the best solution to maintain order. But more economical is to bet on metal shelves. If you organize them properly with the same boxes, baskets or jars but in different sizes, it will work!

Pantry in a modern garage

Do you want to have your own workshop?

If you love working on different DIY projects, including a workbench will be essential. Combine this with metal cabinets to store the tool and systems of perforated or ribbed panels. These supports that are fixed to the wall and are completed with different accessories allow you to organize all the tools and supplies in a simple and orderly way.

work zone

You have a garden?

Taking care of a garden requires a large number of machines and tools that, in the absence of their own space to store them, end up in the garage. The custom or modular cabinets that we proposed to organize the pantry will also be the best allies to store your garden tools. Although if space is an issue, ribbed wall panels are also a great option.

Organization of sports equipment

Do you practice any sport?

The sports equipment of someone who skis, golf or bicycles takes up a lot of space at home, so it may be a good idea to move them to the garage. Bicycles will be the ones that steal the most space, so it will be especially important to invest in a system that will allow you to save space. How? Hanging the bikes from the wall or ceiling with a modern pulley system.

As you can see, the difficulty lies not so much in finding the right furniture to decorate and organize a modern garage, as in determining what we want and what we need.

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