Ideas To Decorate The Headboard Area Of Your Bed With Stickers

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An inexpensive and beautiful decorative option for the bedroom is the addition of stickers or vinyls in the headboard area bed. Either to replace the headboard itself or to complement and reinforce the decoration of this area, both options achieve a great decorative impact. Here we show you different ideas:

bedroom decorative stickers

Adhesives As Headboard

An adhesive as a headboard is perfect to replace traditional wood or other designs. They are perfect to save space, believe it or not, they gain a few centimeters and it also looks more clear. In addition, they are a very good saving alternative. The price of an adhesive is much lower than common headboards. Another benefit is the design, as you will find a wide variety of models to choose from, in different shapes, sizes and colors. You can even order a model of your own inspiration. And finally, they are also sturdy, easy to install and to discard if you got bored with the design.

Although they don’t look as imposing as a beautiful headboard made of wood or other material, they can make a difference and make a great focal point for the bedroom.

bedroom decorative stickersIn this bedroom the sticker includes plants with beautiful dandelion flowers in white.

bedroom decorative stickers

An ideal option to create an informal and youthful finish to the bedroom with this adhesive.bedroom decorative stickers

This headboard matches the nightstands.
bedroom decorative stickersThis beautiful headboard design is similar to the traditional ones, ideal to complement the decoration of this bedroom with shabby chic details.

bedroom decorative stickers

To create an amazing visual effect, a cute tree sticker with some birds is added to this turquoise wall.
bedroom decorative stickersAn ideal bedside sticker to evoke romance.

Adhesives as a Complement to the Headboard

We see below magnificent designs that are included over the traditional headboard or towards the sides of the bed on the wall. Depending on the color of the walls in the room and the furniture in the bedroom, the color of the decorative sticker can give a great contrast effect or a subtle accent that complements the decoration. The shapes will depend on the style of furniture in the room to achieve harmony and balance.

bedroom decorative stickersThis is a beautiful room decorated in black and white. To add charm, plant stickers were incorporated on the back of the headboard and the chest of drawers in this modern room.bedroom decorative stickersStickers with phrases are perfect if you are looking for motivation. bedroom decorative stickersThis is a perfect complement to achieve great impact in the decoration of the bedroom. bedroom decorative stickersThis is a bedroom with floral details and birdhouses. Stickers can replace decorative pictures.
bedroom decorative stickersIn this decoration, neutral tones predominate, sparkling orange flowers from the adhesive give life to the room.bedroom decorative stickers

Decorative stickers can help add personality to your bedroom or any interior space. You can create a theme to decorate your environment and the stickers will complement the finish you need. It is ideal for all members of the family and let’s not forget that it is a low-priced, versatile and practical option to achieve an incredible space.

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