Ideas to decorate the living room with designer wallpapers: Write them down!

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Decor : Ideas to decorate the living room with designer wallpapers: Write them down!

Ideas to decorate the living room

Do you want to give your home a new look? So let’s start with a series of ideas to decorate the living room with wallpapers. Yes, because as you well know, it is one of the great trends that have returned with force, although they have never completely disappeared. If you do not want to make reforms but to take a few simple and decorative steps, you are on the right path.

Why choose wallpaper for our living rooms? Because it will give a total renovation to the wall or walls, you can enjoy more spaciousness or luminosity thanks to the optical effect that it leaves us and a new style. Does it seem little to you? Then you must know the best ideas and some of the firm steps to take in this regard.

Ideas to decorate the living room: Which wall should I choose to place wallpapers

Although it may seem like it, it is not always as simple a choice as it may seem. Since among the ideas to decorate the living room with wallpapers we are advised that the main wall always be the one that carries this complement. That is to say, the one that has more prominence because it has the living room furniture and the television or, if you have a fairly large sofa, it can also be that area where said furniture is supported. You have to think that it will be the first one we will visualize and hence the one that is broader or more focused will be the one that takes the first prize. For this reason, of all those that make up our room, more people choose the area where the television goes. And you? Which one would you choose to paste the wallpapers?

Leaves wallpaper

Combine them in colors with the furniture

We want a living room in total harmony, therefore, in addition to always carefully choosing each and every one of the furniture and its finishes, color is not far behind. Because when you already have the whole room furnished and want to add a painting or, as in this case, some wallpapers, we must combine them in colors. That is, some of the main furniture in the living room will be in the chosen area or wall. What color has? Because that color that stands out from said furniture, it is also recommended that it go on the wallpaper. It does not have to be the same color but a tone that goes in harmony and that is caressed by others that also combine perfectly with it. More than anything because only in this way can we integrate each piece of our puzzle that is the living room, as it well deserves. A perfect way to change the decoration to make it more attractive and without the need for great expenses!

Decorate walls with wallpapers

Be careful with the size of the prints

The truth is patterned wallpapers are the big hit. Although we have started by warning to be careful, it is because we want your stay to be the perfect one and not to make us tire at the first change. Hence, if you have a fairly large room, the ideal is that you opt for patterns that are also large. That is, the pattern must be consistent with the size of the room. Otherwise, we can create that dizzying effect that will make us tire very quickly as we just mentioned. If, on the other hand, your living room is really small, then opt for the more discreet patterns that will have an equally elegant and creative result, adding a unique style to your environment. Sometimes we just let ourselves be carried away by our liking and do not pay attention to these small insights that are really important. Now we know that you will take it into account!

Vintage style wallpaper

Ideas to decorate the living room with wallpapers

  • Vintage cut wallpapers: The retro style is one of the most appreciated. A visit to the past with vibrant colors and large geometric shapes that will match your most elegant living room.
  • Embossed papers: If you want a more discreet but just as elegant option, then nothing like opting for embossed finishes, which will bring creativity to your main wall.
  • Leaf wallpapers: Nature is positioned as one of the great favorites. On the one hand, the leaves of different sizes and in green color will give more hope and good taste to your living room.
  • Papers with flowers: But it is true that if the leaves have their charm, the flowers are not far behind. Yes, you will find them in all sizes and colors. Sometimes even accompanied by beautiful birds.
  • Brick effect papers: Nor could we forget that brick finish that we can give to our living room wall and if it is in white, we will still achieve a minimalist effect that will always be in fashion.

Surely knowing these ideas to decorate the living room with wallpaper, now you will not have time to opt for them and start enjoying a new stay in the blink of an eye. What is a good idea?

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