Ideas to decorate your home with paper flowers

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Decor : Ideas to decorate your home with paper flowers

Paper flowers to decorate

It probably never occurred to you decorate your home with paper flowers. Neither did we until we found some ideas on the web that we found interesting. And why not share them? It never hurts to discover new ideas with which to change the appearance of our home, don’t you agree?

Paper flowers can be used in many ways. They can be used like cut flowers in a vase to decorate different surfaces. Also in the form of a garland to give joy and color to a special corner or your next party. And in a more striking way to decorate spaces dedicated to the little ones. But…. let’s go one by one.

In a vase or flowerpot

It will not cost you to find tutorials that teach you how to make paper flowers on YouTube with which you can later decorate a table or shelf. You will only have to place them in a vase, as you would with cut natural flowers, to give color to a forgotten corner.

Paper glores in a vase or pot to decorate surfaces

You can also go further and create plants on paper like the ones you can see in the image above. Once made and planted in a pot, they will give a original and creative touch to any corner. They will not care how good or bad you are taking care of them, they will not die! They will only collect dust, so remember to clean them from time to time.

In the form of a garland

Garlands are common at parties and celebrations, but there is no reason to have an excuse to use them to decorate a specific place in our home. Decorate with paper flowers print a fun and colorful touch to any corner, take advantage of it!

Paper garlands

Making a paper flower garland may seem very difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. Pick two or three types of flowers and join them with a thread or cord. Don’t you dare with the flowers? Create them with leaves of different shades. You can use them to decorate your study, to create children’s mobiles or to give a Christmas touch to your living room when the date arrives. The latter can be a good project for when the weather does not allow us to enjoy outdoor activities like now.

Great in children’s spaces

Decorate with paper flowers children’s spaces it is more common than we can think. It is in the children’s bedroom where, normally, we allow ourselves to be creative, hence we have found many examples of how to use them in these.

Flowers made with tissue paper they are the most popular in these spaces. We are talking about large flowers that attract attention just by looking at the door as you can see in the images. Usually hung from the ceiling, they do not go unnoticed.

Paper flowers to decorate children's bedrooms

Warm tones like red, orange or yellow are the most recurrent together with pinks and whites when it comes to making flowers to decorate these types of spaces. However, we have loved the idea of ​​combining soft and neutral tones such as white, gray and nudes, as in the image above.

Children's bedrooms

In many places these types of creations are called paper flowers, in other pompoms, keep that in mind when looking for tutorials! And do not hesitate to look for them also in English as Tissue paper flowers or «tissue paper pompoms» With so many options, you will not miss them.

Doing this type of crafts and decorating your home with paper flowers can become a great entertainment for both children and adults during the coldest days of winter. Keep in mind, yes, that children must be old enough to handle scissors to be able to have fun with it.

Is a relatively inexpensive craft. In most cases, you will only need cardboard or tissue papers in different colors and scissors as the main materials, as well as a needle and thread or glue to join the different elements or give them shape. Also creativity, of course, although you can supply this by being inspired by the ideas of others.

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