Ideas to decorate your home with vintage paintings, take note!

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Decor : Ideas to decorate your home with vintage paintings, take note!

Decorate with vintage frames

Landscapes, portraits, and scenes that are generally framed in gold. Today in Bezzia we propose ideas for decorate your home with vintage four. Paintings that provide great personality and with which you can create different compositions in different rooms.

Do you have old paintings at home and you don’t know how to use them to decorate your home? Do you like art and need ideas to display your paintings in the best way in the living room or dining room? We are talking today about different types of compositions and better places to put them.

The paintings represent a great alternative to give life to those empty walls that we all have in our homes. And they are a great resource for draw attention to a certain place of the room. But what are those places?

Highlight the most special corners

On the couch

The wall space above the sofa always seems to ask for something and paintings are a great alternative to answer it. Not all types of compositions however will work equally well on your sofa. On a long sofa with a vintage aesthetic a fantastic asymmetrical vintage plaid composition. On a modern sofa, on the other hand, a symmetrical or square composition will fit better. And in both cases, the ideal is that the composition does not extend much beyond the length of the sofa.

Vintage paintings on the sofa

You can choose the pictures that you like the most, however, the most prudent is to bet on a set of pictures with some common element that provides coherence to the whole. You can find this element in the motif (portrait, landscape, flowers, still lifes) or in the color of the painting.

In the dining room

Very common are also the sets of pictures on the wall of the dining room, the one in front of which the table is located. The ideal here, contrary to what happened with the sets on the sofa, is that they extend beyond the table to cover the whole wall.

Decorate a rustic or vintage dining room like this

You will need many pictures for this we know. So if you don’t have enough of them, start visiting decoration stores with second-hand items or antique dealers. They will look fantastic next to a rustic wooden table, but also next to a more modern white one with upholstered wooden chairs or with cannage elements.

Next to the chimney

The fireplace has always been a classic place to put a painting. You can hang vintage paintings centered on the wall, but it is much more interesting in our opinion rest them off-center on the mantelpiece, Not you? Along with them you can incorporate a vase with flowers or a pair of candlesticks.

Decorate the fireplace

The above ideas were valid for only one frame, but what if we want to place a couple of squares? If the paintings form a couple – they are two portraits or the same landscape in different seasons of the year painted by the same artist – one on each side of the fireplace will look very good, framing it. If they have nothing to do with it, go to the shelf, slightly mounting the smaller one on the larger one.

On the desk

Place a vintage painting on a secretaire or vintage desk and you will reinforce the style of both. Leaning on the desk they are fantastic but it is not the most comfortable alternative if you use the desk every day. If you don’t want it to bother you, hang it or hang it on the wall!

One, two and up to four pictures on the desktop

Draw attention to any corner

Do you want to highlight a hitherto forgotten corner of your home? Do you want a simple but valuable piece of furniture to stand out from others? Vintage paintings, as we said at the beginning of this article, are a fantastic resource to draw attention to a certain corner.

If you put a painting on a blank wall, it will be the center of attention. Even more so if instead of fixing it to the wall in a traditional way you hang it on a rope as in the second picture. Nor will a wall full of paintings go unnoticed. Minimalism versus maximalism. What do you bet on?

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