Ikea curtains: regulate the light and gain privacy

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Ikea curtains: regulate the light and gain privacy

Ikea curtains

Curtains and curtains They are essential to achieve some privacy in our homes. In addition, they allow us to filter the sun's rays and thus regulate the brightness of a room adapting it to different circumstances. But there are not only practical reasons to place them in our windows; Ikea curtains are also a great tool to give a touch of style to the living room, dining room or bedroom.

Ikea has a curtain catalog extensive in which we can find both translucent curtains and thick curtains. Two types of curtain that we can combine to benefit from the advantages of each of them. Do you want to know what they are? We tell you at the same time that we go through its catalog.

Translucent curtains

The translucent curtains allow light to enter but not before filtering it, creating a cozy atmosphere in the room. They are the ideal solution to gain privacy; They let you see outside but avoid prying eyes. They also eliminate the annoying reflections on the TV or on the computer screen.

Ikea translucent curtains

In the Ikea catalog you can find numerous translucent curtains in neutral tones, mainly white and gray. They are the favorites to decorate homes today, often combining with thick curtains offering us a layered solution.

It won't be hard for you to find either colored curtains. Those in yellow, green, blue, pink and purple tones are the ones that enjoy the greatest popularity. We can find them in the Ikea catalog by dressing rooms and bedrooms with furniture in neutral tones or combined with them.

Ikea colored curtains

You can hang the curtains of a bar with hidden or ringed loops and hooks that will create folds at the top. You can also do it on a rail, because as we told you a few months ago there are different ways to place the curtains and Ikea does not give up any.

Blackout curtains

The thick and / or opaque curtains prevent the interior from being seen to preserve privacy and prevent most of the light from entering the room. Further, protect from the cold in winter and heat in summer thanks to its dense fabric, mainly made of polyester or cotton.

They are ideal in those rooms in which the sun and heat sneak hard during the summer. In order not to darken the room too much, unless we want to, they combine with translucent curtains and curtains. Like the previous ones, you can hang them on a bar with hidden loops or with rings and hooks.

Ikea opaque curtains

The materials

Ikea used to manufacture the curtains of its catalog mainly two materials: Polyester and cotton. The first is manufactured with recycled PET bottles, This allows reducing the consumption of new raw materials and the environmental impact. Hilleborg, Vilborg, Majgull, Hilja and Annakagsa are some of the designs made of polyester.

Merete, Tibast, Annalouisa, Matilda, Hannalill are, instead, curtains made in 100% cotton Cotton that comes from sustainable sources, that is to say, that is recycled or cultivated with less consumption of water, pesticides and fertilizers, which increases the profit margin of farmers.

There are also Ikea curtains made in 100% linen as Aina or in polyester and cotton blends such as Vivan or Rosalill. Also among the opaque ones you will find soft and elegant curtains in cotton velvet in gray and blue tones.

Ikea curtains

What curtains do I choose? You better than anyone know how close or far your neighbors live, how much natural light comes in and if at some point during the summer the heat becomes suffocating. You also know the family routines, what you like to do and the light conditions you need for it.

The window dimensions, the space between this and other decorative elements, the general aesthetics of the room, the degree of privacy you are looking for and the budget will be just some of the determining factors in your choice. Take your time to browse the Ikea curtain catalog and make the best investment.

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