Ikea stools for all tastes

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Ikea stools for all tastes

Ikea stools

With the help of Ikea stools, Your guests won't have to fight over a place anymore. They will provide extra space to accommodate friends and family in small rooms, dining rooms, kitchens or balconies. And they will adapt to different decorative styles.

In Bezzia we are not surprised by the popularity that stools have gained in interior design. Capable of adapting to any interior or exterior space, thanks to its small size, they can also accommodate our guests, serve as an auxiliary table in various rooms. Made of different materials and with different colors, only you can choose the most suitable for you from the wide Ikea catalog.
From the classic wooden stool with round seat, to the most modern made of plastic materials and bright colors. The variety of designs in the Ikea stool catalog can make choosing the right one overwhelming. You don't know where to start? Ask yourself this question: High or low?

Low stools

In living rooms and dining rooms, low stools become a great option to accommodate our guests, saving us a lot of space when they are gone. In addition to a small size, most Ikea stools are stackable; You can store them in a closet and take them out only when you need them.

Ikea low stools

Stools: Kyrre, Norraker, Vilto and Stackholmen

Do not have space to store them? Giving them another utility is a good strategy. You can use them as a bedside table in the bedroom and as an auxiliary table in the hall or lounge, placing on them, lamps and plants decoratively, in addition to what you need at all times: a cup of coffee, a magazine ...

Vilton, Kyrre and Norraker own that unique charm of wood. Also Stackholmen, an outdoor stool made of acacia wood, a hard and resistant wood, which presents soft and harmonious shapes and a comfortable braided seat.

Ikea low stools

Stools: Marius, Tranaro, Kullaberg, Raskog and Nils

If resistance is an important feature for you, the Marius and Tranaro stools made of polypropylene and available in different colors are sure to convince you. Resistant are also Kullaberg and Raskog, stools that stand out for their industrial style. And if you are looking for a classic, elegant and comfortable stool, Nils becomes a better option.

For children

Utter and Manmut They are stools that Ikea has designed especially for the little ones. In yellow, orange and pink tones we propose to place them around matching tables so that the children spend very funny times painting and doing different activities that arouse their creativity.

Ikea stools for children

More discreet is the Flisat solid wood model, very much in line with the Scandinavian style that has played a leading role in interior design. And if what you need is a stool for the little ones get to the sink, Forsiktig and Blomens become your best allies.

High stools

The open spaces every day take on a greater role in our homes making kitchen islands and peninsulas almost essential elements. The high stools from Ikea They are great to place around them, making family time much more comfortable.

You will find in the catalog simple designs stackable in wood very suitable for stays of Scandinavian or rustic style. Also designs with an industrial aesthetic upholstered in polypropylene and with steel legs to print character to the kitchen.

Ikea high stools

Aesthetic considerations will be important in your choice but what about the practices? Depending on usage whether you are going to give it to you, whether or not you have the following characteristics: lightness, ergonomic shapes, backrest, footrests, a padded surface or the possibility of folding.

There are many Ikea stools that we have shown in this post but many more that you will find in its catalog. It will be difficult for you not to find one that fit your needs and at a price that fits your budget.

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