Industrial style in decoration

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Industrial style in decoration

Industrial style

The industrial style in decoration, it is one of the most applauded. The truth is that all this goes back to the 50s and New York, when factories and warehouses were also used as homes. A way to have a roof, for all those who could not pay another type of rent.

But this was taking shape until it became known industrial decoration of floors or lofts. As we have commented, it is a basic idea, but which can be given a great shape. Discover all its keys, the styles with which it combines and even its colors.

The materials used in the industrial style

This style uses a series of materials that are always basic. So that way we will shape our interiors. On the one hand, we cannot forget brick, as well as concrete, wood that is better untreated or leather. Because all of them together are a basic pillar to decorate the interiors. In addition, we can create more than special combinations, don't you think?

Industrial style lounge

What colors do I choose for industrial decoration?

It is true that finishes can always be based on the tastes of each one. But without a doubt, the basic colors that the industrial style carries are both white and black, going through gray or smoke color And the brown one. You can combine them on walls or floors. Since the wood will be brown and can be integrated into furniture, while the black or gray color can be in the form of iron, also giving way to steel. But it is true that you can also get carried away by a dark green or a sand color for certain accessories.

The structure always in sight

In some homes we will have to hide certain walls or certain pipes that stand out and in this case, we will give them more prominence. The brick walls, with some pipes or iron beams and columns in sight they will always be of great help to complete the industrial style we are looking for. Hence, it is necessary to expose the structure of the place.

Loft Decoration

The more natural, the better

This is dedicated to furniture. Since they will go in brown tones thanks to the wood, of which they are composed. But it is true that in this case, we have to get carried away by a natural wood. Without any lacquer, which is usually quite frequent. Sometimes it is difficult to find furniture like that, but it is not impossible either. Kitchen or dining room tables will be the main protagonists.

Lots of lighting through large windows

Another of the qualities of the industrial style is the brightness. Something that we love, because if we are talking about somewhat dark colors, in some cases, then we must bet on natural clarity. Large windows are also part of this style and these homes. You can opt for a large glass or windows with dark finishes and several crystals in each of them.

Industrial bathroom

With what other decoration styles can the industrial be combined

The truth is that it is about a style that never goes out of style. The naturalness of the same and its originality, makes it always among the favorites. But if you want to opt for an original decoration or with a more personal finish, according to your tastes, you have to know that it can be combined with other styles. Both the rustic and the Nordic style through vintage and even boho will be happy to shake hands with our protagonist today. Since they will always find things in common to be able to become perfectly combinable.

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