Integrate shoe racks into your décor – The best ideas!

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Decor : Integrate shoe racks into your décor – The best ideas!

Shoemaker bench

Integrate shoe racks into your décor it can be something very simple. Because nowadays we always want to have those furniture that are functional close by, that is, we can use them for various purposes and this is one of them. So, in order for you to discover how special they are, you cannot miss any detail.

You need them to store all your footwear, and you know. But it is that in addition to serving for that, they will also give the most special touch to your decoration. You will bet on simplicity and really surprising finishes. If you don’t believe it, you just have to find out here and now.

Integrate the shoes in the decoration: Place them at the entrance of your house

Sometimes we do not know what to put at the entrance of the house. The hall is something that we are not always quite good at, because it will depend on the space we have. But remember that this type of furniture that today stars in our space, is characterized by having a size of the most discreet, simple and thinner than you could imagine. This means that they can be adapted to all those spaces, whether they are larger or smaller. You can choose to replace the entrance furniture with a shoe rack. In sight, it will be practically the same. You can place a decorative detail on it and even accompany it with a beautiful mirror.

Integrate shoe racks in decoration

In the longest corridors

If you don’t want it right at the entrance but you do have a long corridor, then it may be another of the best ideas to integrate it right there. The corridors are complicated to decorate and as such, we must think carefully about what type of furniture to place in them. As shoe racks are usually narrow, we will opt for them. You will also find them with very different finishes, from white wood to others that have stamped places or combined in striking colors. It is a way of betting on the decoration itself, but also on storage.

Down the stairs

If you have those wide stairs to go up to your house or your rooms, then you have the opportunity to make room in them. You no longer need a larger piece of furniture, but some drawers will come out of the bottom of them, with some shelves and you will take the opportunity to store all the footwear. If you have a home with these characteristics, you should not think twice and yes take advantage of the bottom of the stairs, since many times it is not used.

Ikea shoe rack

We are already seeing that integrating shoe racks into the decoration is something simpler than expected. Because in this case, we have one of the most used decorative furniture. Yes, it is the bank and as such, it can also appear both at the entrance of the home and at the foot of the bed, for example. In both cases, it is best to opt for a storage cabinet. That is to say, that there is space for some drawers where you will store your shoes or everything you need, of course. Because it offers an original touch to the decoration while you have more space in your home. Isn’t that a good solution?

One more piece of furniture in your bedroom

We cannot miss the one that we mention it for the bedroom. Without a doubt, it is another of the places where it also has to be and we love that it is so. Because as we have mentioned, there will always be a finish or style to be combined with the rest of the furniture. You only need a small corner to mold it well and it will be ready to offer you that space that you want so much. How and where do you have the shoemaker in your home?

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