Interior decorating styles

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Interior decorating styles

home decorating styles

When talking about decoration, each person has their own style and taste. But something very important is that we have knowledge of some of the basic decoration concepts or styles when it comes to wanting to change the look of a room. On the other, it is normal that even if you have your own style, sometimes it is somewhat overwhelming to discover which of the decoration styles would suit you depending on the space you have or the look you want for a room. It is for this reason that this time we wanted to help you a little, showing you the different decoration styles so that you identify with the one you like or you can even combine them to your liking.

wood decorating styles

Different styles of interior decoration

Undoubtedly, most people like to see magazines and photos with decorations of living rooms or rooms and many times they are even attracted to everything they see. But when it comes to changing the look and decorating our home, work is much more difficult. Here we will show you the different decoration styles so that you can identify yourself and select your new interior decoration.

custom decorating styles

Decoration style Art Deco

deco art deco styles

The interior decoration in the Art Deco style automatically revives the splendor, luxury, elegance and glamor. This style became popular as a scheme of elegance in the 1920s.

deco decorating styles

Bohemian decoration style

bohemian decoration styles

Bohemian decoration symbolizes freedom. It is a mixture of exotic finds and antique furniture found perhaps on walks and trips to the flea market. This is one of the decoration styles that represents an avant-garde style of life, with a spirit of adventure and something carefree. Some modern bohemian-style decorations include Moroccan decoration styles that can usually consist of skins, wood or metal accents.

blue bohemian decoration styles

Contemporary decoration style

contemporary decorating styles

Contemporary decorating style is often confused with modern style. The contemporary style decoration is current and includes open spaces, lots of light, straight lines, lots of glass and wood. This decoration has a great sense of what is in fashion, so it constantly evolves, while retaining a modern touch. Nowadays you can also see this style with unadorned spaces, which gives a clean and classic look.

contemporary decorating styles

Coastal decoration style

coast decoration styles

It is one of the decoration ethyl that develops very bright and airy environments. Coastal color palettes usually include light blue and green tones inspired by the ocean along with a variety of creams and neutrals for a relaxed yet elegant finish.

coastal decoration styles

Country decoration style

country decorating styles

The modern rustic decoration style features very resistant organic elements for a warm and comforting view. No modern country-style interior design is complete without wooden elements. Undoubtedly, the use of wood is what makes this style as we know and love it.

country1 decoration styles

Eclectic decoration style

eclectic decoration styles

Eclectic interior decoration takes different ideas from a variety of periods, styles and trends. People who have opted for this style, mention that it is fun. This decoration breaks the rules. Since you can mix new and old styles, resulting in something fresh and special.

eclectic decoration styles

But it should be taken into account, that although this style gives you a little more freedom in having fun and breaking the rules as we mentioned in the same way you should have a sense of balance within the decoration. The mix between the new and the old and between the different colors and textures must be something consistent to make it perfect.

Scandinavian decoration style

Scandinavian decoration styles

This is increasingly popular. Scandinavian interior decoration styles highlight a very clean and quiet simplicity that is attractive worldwide. To a certain extent this decoration is minimalist. It focuses on totally white spaces with gray tones. Introducing some touches of color through art or some textile such as carpets.

Scandinavian decoration styles

Farm decoration style

farm decorating styles

If what you want to have in your home is warmth, practicality, comfort then this is one of the decorating styles that you can take into account. This style is really warm and very cozy.

Hollywood decoration style

hollywood decorating styles

This style was very popular from the 40s to the 60s and again from the mid-90s. The Hollywood style is one of the most timeless but fun interior decorating styles to keep in mind. Here you combine touches and silhouettes inspired by Art Deco with a lot of glamor.

hollywoodd decorating styles

Industrial decoration style

industrial decoration styles

This style leads us to a totally urban environment combining elements of factories or warehouses. This design provides a feeling of cleanliness, something minimalist and masculine. Industrial decoration became popular in the 1990s. When many city centers began to enjoy renovation. By converting old manufacturing facilities and warehouses into condominiums and residential buildings.

industrial decorating styles

Usually this style of decoration is not recommended in small homes. Since it requires a lot of space to place the elements that inspire such decoration that are often of great size and strength. Although somehow you could place some decorative element of this type in one corner.

Minimalist decoration style

minimalist decoration styles

One of the most modern interior decoration styles to consider. The minimalist trend appeared at the beginning of the twentieth century and today continues to be very present in the homes of modern life. This style of decoration is inspired by the simplicity of Japanese decorations.

minimalist decoration styles

The principle of this style is that less is more. Here the important thing is simplicity, comfort and functionality. The color should be used sparingly so as not to take away the prominence of simplicity. Black, white and primary colors are usually those considered in minimalist decoration.

Mid-Century Modern Decoration Style

mid century decoration styles

During the postwar period, in the 50s and 60s, it was sought to break what was traditional design and decoration. And at the same time boost the design and decoration industries towards the modern era. This resulted in the mid-century modern decoration style. This is characterized by simple and clean lines. It includes some touches of blues and greens, and a lot of wood and rusty metals.

centuries decoration styles

Undoubtedly, mid-century modern furniture looks great in any room creating a space decorated with diverse elements. The Mediterranean decoration style is one of the most popular decoration styles of what it seems. This style includes columns and arches, large furniture, among many other things. It also has a color scheme such as earth tones.

Rustic decoration style

rustic decorating styles

This style of decoration is certainly inspiring the outdoors. Combining and mixing in the same way with the style of farm and industrial. The rustic decoration is emphasized in natural and somewhat worn finishes such as wood, stone, with touches and a sophisticated inclination in general.

rustic decoration styles

In this style, the fundamental focus is the unfinished and natural elements. This style usually has an earthy and organic touch. And although most people think of this style as dark or heavy, there really is a trend of the more modern rustic style. Which is a slightly cooler and lighter version.

Shabby Chic decoration style

shabby decorating styles

The shabby chic once received some criticism when labeled as grandma's decoration. But this style of decoration has its roots in decoration and in antique and vintage French furniture. With a decidedly comfortable and cozy touch. And something very important is that it has a timeless appeal. Smooth and slightly feminine, the shabby chic style mixes traditional-style interior design elements with vague farm touches.

chic decorating styles

You could indicate that it uses handmade elements that most people love like antique furniture with an aged appearance. Similarly floral prints, some tapestries and linen textiles. Combining white colors with cakes.

Traditional decoration style

decoration styles tradition

When it comes to interior decorating styles, they are almost always based on traditional design ideas. This is because you can make the traditional interior decoration yours. Incorporating pieces that talk about your personality and lifestyle. The traditional interior decorating style stems from the variety of old-school European decoration styles that are now known as traditional. One of the most important and essential aspects of traditional interior decoration is symmetry.

traditional decorating styles

Which means that everything from sofas to lamps and accessories must be in pairs. The idea is that everything should be balanced from a central focus point that is usually television, the fireplace or some decorative piece of art. Often the walls are painted with neutral colors so that furniture and decorative elements can be highlighted.

Transitional decoration style

transient decoration styles

The transition interior decorating style is a somewhat elusive style that encompasses various styles. Which combine traditional or ancient styles with modern or contemporary design elements. It is very popular today among designers. What makes transition interior decoration preserve by itself is the mix and match of decorating styles.

transition decoration styles

Using traditional furniture mixed with modern elements, which prevent seeing that a room is of a particular style. Moreover, sometimes it is really very easy to confuse the contemporary style with that of transition. The elements used in this style of decoration are usually textures such as wood, glass. Like the rattan, the steel, the fabrics. The color palette are neutral, and the furniture is curved and with lacquered finishes.

Modern urban decoration style

urban decoration styles

For cosmopolitan life, modern urban decoration is ideal for a totally urban life. This style combines the best of contemporary, modern and industrial style ideas. Often, interior designers with this style take into account and include elements and materials that provide a fantastic feeling of warmth and comfort but without being very loud or bold in general.

city ​​decoration styles

This style of interior decoration is also characterized by using monochrome palettes. Almost always the preferred colors are white and black with some touches of other primary colors such as yellow, red and blue.

Asian decoration style

decorating styles asia

This style of decoration is slowly making its way into modern interior design. The Asian-style decoration undoubtedly radiates peace and tranquility. Due to all forms it is relaxing and calms the soul. The colors in which the Asian decoration style is focused are water, earth and neutral tones to stabilize the vibrations.

Vintage decoration style

vintage decorating styles

The vintage interior decorating style focuses on having the minimum of clutter and making an excellent, clean and elegant display of furniture and decorative accents. Although they may seem somewhat outdated, in reality this style of decoration is versatile, taking into account imagination and creativity.

vintagee decoration styles

Vintage interior designers can certainly create incredible works, which can tell a story. In vintage-style interior decoration usually include frames and old photographs. Almost always in black and white, in order to give a vintage look but without leaving elegance aside. Similarly in this style you can appreciate the open shelves. To show all the accessories and elements or classic items.

antique decorating styles

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