Interior decoration – General tips to apply

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Decor : Interior decoration – General tips to apply

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The interior decoration It is quite a job if we want it to fit perfectly. That is why every tip we can learn will always be welcome. So much so that we have decided to score the best and the generals that are always there when we want to start.

If you go to renew the rooms of your homeWe must always have everything calculated. Hence, when taking accurate steps, it never hurts to think about the following tips. Only then, you will have one of those results as amazing as you expect. Write them all down!

Always add functional type spaces

Both the rooms themselves and the furniture have to be very functional. Even the smallest corners will always carry some function. Hence, we are making the most of each of them. For the smaller rooms You can choose the most compact furniture, which when unfolding is transformed into a new one. Also take advantage of the walls to decorate and those corners that can serve as a seat, a lamp and a reading space.

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Give a personal touch to each room

All the rooms in our home have to bear our seal. It is the only way to make everything look much more personal and with maximum warmth. Something that, although a priori does not seem, always has great advantages. Hence we must not forget it. When speaking of personal touch, we are saying that everything will have to do with your tastes and that something of your personality is reflected in them. From the colors to the style of the furniture or the decorative details.

Illuminate all key points

The illumination It is one of the great ideas when it comes to talking about interior decoration. Because it is not just based on a lamp in the center of the room. It’s much more than that! The brightest places and corners will look much more welcoming as well as warm. Therefore, knowing this, we cannot remain with our arms crossed. In addition to the ceiling light, we have to give prominence to certain corners. All those places where we will spend more time, have to be supported by a light. For this reason, both spotlights and floor lamps are some of the best ideas we can apply.

decorating tips

Based on a style to create your interior decoration

It is true that we do not have to strictly follow a decorative style, but the truth is that inspiration will come from it. I mean, first think of one that you like like Nordic, minimalist, rustic, etc. Then, starting from them you can give it your most personal touch. It is not necessary that you take everything to the letter, because as we have been commenting, the personality has to be in every step that we take at home.

Colors in interior decoration

After the style of our home, functional furniture and points of light, there is another topic that also interests us. It’s about the colors. Because although it seems simple, it is not so much. What we must do is make the rooms look very bright. For this, you should think about whether they are small and in them we are going to need bright colors, or if they are very large and we can make various combinations. Remember that white is always wild because it gives us that light, as well as breadth. Pastel tones, the warmth of the atmosphere and sometimes, the vibrant touches in yellow or orange, also add that striking and original brushstroke that we like so much. Where are you going to start in your interior decoration?

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