Interior decoration – How it influences our mood

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Interior decoration - How it influences our mood

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Most people think that interior decoration is the same as interior design. But really it's not so. Interior decoration takes into account and are based on color, appearance. Also accessories, texture, aesthetics, decorative details, among much more.

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The interior design for its part is responsible for changing a structure in space. Making and giving a better use of space. Simply put, you can say that the design creates a space and the decoration dresses that space that already exists inside a house or office. Well, interior decoration is an art which makes a much more pleasant and functional space.

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The term well-being is undoubtedly related to having a healthy life. And this in turn is linked to fitness and exercise. Like good nutrition, healthy social relationships, relaxation, among other things. But it also means creating and living in spaces that ideally stimulate our body and also our mental health.

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According to the national survey of human activity patterns that was conducted in 2001, we spent approximately 90 percent indoors. Hence the importance of creating an appropriate environment. This research determines the relationship of our health with elements such as light, interaction with nature. As well as colors, ergonomics, aromas and even real estate among many others.

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Interior decoration and our well-being

It is true that, these studies about the relationship between our emotions and interior decoration have increased in recent years. But all this already existed for a long time. With what we know today as Feng Shui or Vastu Shastra. Experts have obtained many encouraging results.

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By demonstrating the ability of the elements used in interior decoration to promote positive and negative emotional responses in people. All the elements mentioned above, which take into account decoration incredibly promote peace and happiness in people.

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Many factors taken into account in the decoration have an impact on the mood of each individual, such as color. There has been a lot of talk and you have certainly heard about the psychology of color. This dictates that bright colors such as orange, green and yellow increase sociabilization and communication.

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While dark colors such as red, purple, blue and stronger greens, promote a slightly sadder or bleak feeling. Although it is also true that depending on how you use and combine colors in the appropriate spaces, you can create the feeling of comfort and tranquility.

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Another element that influences is lighting. Obviously there is nothing better than natural light, so depending on how many and how large windows are in the space or in the room will raise tranquility, happiness or sadness and anxiety.

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The size of the space also influences the mood of people. One study showed that ceiling height has an impact on the subconscious perception of freedom in people. It has been shown that people are much more focused and creative in spaces or rooms with higher ceilings and therefore their mood improves considerably.

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Various studies have shown in the same way that contact with plants can greatly improve mood and concentration, since the presence of nature indoors reduces stress. Apart from colors, breadth and plants.

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Textures and the way furniture is placed also develop emotional responses. For example, using a hairy rug can make you feel much more comfortable and calm. As well as ornaments or metal elements such as a watch, for example, it will stimulate independence or strength.

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Feng Shui teaches us not to create dead space in the room or the space that is being decorated. As for example the furniture should not be placed completely glued against the wall, as this would generate negative energy. Energy must flow between all the elements of the decoration. It is also very important to pay attention to small details. Usually small details are what make the difference.

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Well be between a cozy and fun home, and a cute but boring home. I don't know if it has ever happened to you, that you already have the space or the furnished room or have already redecorated it, but you still feel something is missing. Well, what you feel is that you need to add some small detail. As cushions or a plant, that will make the room a little more colored and feel much more cozy.

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The colors in interior decoration

Without a doubt and without exception, all the people after a long and busy work day want to get home and feel calm and calm just by admiring their decoration. All people do not live in homes with the same space or distribution.

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And that is why sometimes we are truly amazed at how a person could decorate a small home in a cozy and spaciously functional way. While in the same way I think we have all observed homes that are extremely large but very disturbing to look at.

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We emphasize colors again. This is something that certainly should not be chosen or taken so lightly. Everything around us visually stimulates us and the color greatly influences the mood by making happy or sad memories come to us. Depending on the color we see most will affect the chemical balance of our brain.

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We know that colors are distributed in primary colors, cold colors and warm colors. Obviously, depending on the style you have in your home and perhaps the feeling you want to project, you will choose cold or warm colors. Often, spaces with contemporary decorations tend to fit cold colors and more traditional decorations to warm colors.

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The colors with warm nuances will make the spaces that are small feel a little smaller and therefore more cozy. And the slightly larger spaces will feel a little smaller and more intimate. The cold colors will make the spaces feel a little bigger.

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In general, colors such as purple, blue or green combined with white are best for spaces or rooms that receive a lot of light. Sometimes the theme of color in interior decorations is difficult to address. This is because it is a matter of the individual taste we all have.

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But it is something that thanks to the studies carried out is shown to affect us. They can turn us off or overstimulate and can also underestimate the space or the room that is decorated. We mention the primary colors, cold and warm, but there is another group of colors that are also accepted. The neutral tones are black, gray, brown and white. These colors can also set a balance when combined with cold or warm colors.

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The yellow colors are perfect if you need to reduce the space a bit. It is a cheerful color and its effect is energizing when you opt for a much brighter tone. The softer tones are relaxing. Yellow is ideal for that room that lack natural light.

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The blue colors are a symbol of calm, relaxation and serenity. That is why it is a good choice for a bedroom. Blue colors are ideal for rooms with plenty of natural light but warm tones could be better. The blue tones give a feeling of freshness and also of cleanliness.

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Red colors are also good for bedrooms and living rooms. Since they emanate a passionate environment due to the energy it possesses. Of course it is much better to choose slightly muted tones to keep it with a touch of elegance and distinction. Of course we should recommend that it is better not to choose it for the kitchen as it could stimulate your appetite incredibly.

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Purple colors are undoubtedly sophisticated and glamorous and inspire creativity and luxury. Orange colors are closely linked with energy and motivation. I don't know if you have noticed that most gyms have this color in some flirting, and it is precisely to stimulate people. You should avoid this color in the rooms and in the living room.

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Health and comfort at home

There is nothing better than after a strong day of work you can get home and feel comfortable. Feel calm and happy, this is the best way to culminate one day, leaving stress away from home. If your home is clean, organized and decorated properly you will definitely feel excellent in it.

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Interior decoration of desires, should be planned. The distribution of space from the aesthetic and functional point of view must also be taken into account. This will also have an influence on the interaction of people who live or interact in the interior of the home.

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An example to better detail it would be that you should organize the furniture so that people have the opportunity to interact better with each other. How to sit at a table and face someone else. Instead of having the table attached to the wall.

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Comfort is one of the keys to feeling good. And even more when it comes to interior decoration focused on wellness. Obviously the decoration and everything you will use in it to provide comfort and tranquility. Interior decoration must be efficient and of course very pleasant.

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Clutter free

As we mentioned, sometimes small things have the greatest impact. Some messy or crowded shoes at the entrance. A closet full of clothes that you have not used for many years. The dining room table full of things and with little space to eat, among many other things.

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Really all this even if you don't believe it has a negative impact on our mood. And even in our sleep rest. Being in a messy space is difficult to concentrate and even if you don't realize it, it plays with your mind.

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There are many people who, due to their rhythm and busy lifestyle, say they don't have time to keep a space or room organized. But keeping everything in place and in order is only a habit, which we must adopt. There are also many other people who accumulate many things that may not be useful.

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And this also sometimes makes it difficult for them to maintain order in their homes. María Kondo, author of the book The Magic of Order, says she uses what she calls the KonMari Method. Which is only about keeping the elements that generate joy in your home and discard those that don't. And of course, ordering everything so that each thing is easy to find.

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Because of all the above and the various studies that researchers have done, both designers and interior decorators, are taking into account the knowledge of psychology. In order to improve the positive impact of their work on people's homes even more each day.

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Some of the techniques they use in decoration are like the example of the table that we indicate to have a better interaction and communication. Similarly create a space to give the feeling of freedom. Stimulate a relaxed and focused environment with the incorporation of nature inside, among others. The home for each person should be a happy place. And for this, it must be designed in an appropriate way to suggest good humor and mental health.

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