Interior decoration – Trend of styles and colors for 2021

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Decor : Interior decoration – Trend of styles and colors for 2021

In interior decoration the keys are functionality and comfort, aspects that are important today. But this is not only about furniture, but also about color and decorative details. Of course, there are different styles of interior decoration, they are gaining popularity, but they vary a lot in terms of tastes and preferences. Some of these trends may be perfect for your home, while others not so much. It’s never too late to get started and redecorate, you will be amazed at the difference you can make to your overall well-being.

interior decoration trends

Interior decoration styles

Interior decoration with Scandinavian style

The Scandinavian style embodies a movement towards simplicity, functionality and efficiency in space. This style of interior decoration is characterized by organic materials, bare ornamentation, and clean details. The color palette swims in black and white, with grays and blues or the occasional splash of color brings a visual respite. Silhouettes and contours in Scandinavian interiors are a bit rounded, which combined with organic textures create a much more welcoming atmosphere even in the simplest of designs and arrangements.

scandinavian interior decoration

Scandinavian style interior decoration

nordic interior decoration

Decor dand interiors with industrial style

Industrial interiors They celebrate the modern for efficiency and functionality by transforming the functional parts of a building into its main aesthetic. Beams, columns, pipes, stand out to emphasize weight or roughness, embracing what was spent, recycled and salvaged. Industrial interiors tend to stick to warm, neutral colors like grays and browns with iron or steel, exposed concrete, and unfinished brick that complement them perfectly. When selecting furniture and decor, vintage industrial designs complete the look.

interior decoration industry

industrial interior decoration

Interior decoration with japandi style

Japandi is the fusion between timeless elegant aesthetics japanese and the scandinavian style modern. It is a hybrid style where two different styles work together to create a perfect and balanced space. Of course, the key element for both styles is the simplicity. Both styles focus on the minimalist approach to simple and clear interiors. The japandi style combines the light and bright color scheme of the Scandinavian style and the warm and natural one of the Japanese.

japandi style interior decoration

White is used but dominates Soft colors inspired by nature such as brown, beige and terracotta. Colors should be natural and simple. Of course, contrast is essential to create interesting spaces. In japandi interiors, they may have darker accents inspired by the Japanese style such as charcoal or a dark earth tone to create contrast. But always without exaggerating and breaking the minimalist harmony design. However, you can choose pastels and muted colors found in the Scandinavian style, such as light gray, pale pinks, pastel greens and blues or vibrant colors richest found in the Japanese style.

interior decoration janpadii

You can incorporate colors into the space through cushions, artwork, rugs, or decorative accents. Keep in mind that both the Scandinavian and Japanese styles have a strong connection with nature, so bringing greenery indoors is essential. Of course, it is not necessary to fill your space with a large quantity. Here quality is preferable to quantity. So, one or two plants that express the simplicity and beauty of nature will suffice. You can consider large plants as they become the focal points of homes with japandi style.

interior decoration japandi

Interior decoration with rustic style

With its classic simplicity and warm homey feel, the rustic style stands out among the most popular interior decoration styles that are. This style has that irresistible charm of a family home in the country that perhaps most of us yearn to get away from the busy city a bit. But despite being within the city, you can certainly create a rustic style in urban home interiors. Country style color palettes can range from darker shades from brown to bleached shades of neutral colors.

rustic style interior decoration

rustic interior decoration

This decor features many handcrafted, salvaged, or repurposed items made from wood, leather, natural fibers, wicker, and wrought iron. Furniture usually has a solid structure and a classic design, looking somewhat thick and worn. They are usually made of solid wood, stained dark, combined with natural leather upholstery and rougher fabrics. Variations of the style often include wicker and rattan furniture as well. That will depend on your taste.

rustic interior decoration

Interior decoration with vintage style

Of course, this style is not about having a flea market in your home, keep in mind that, not everything old has vintage charm. This style pays homage to the 1940s and 1950s, where after World War II people mixed what was available, to rebuild their homes and create warm and loving spaces. As a general rule, movement of the lines is key. This can be done through a contrast of patterns and motifs. The colors in vintage-style decorations are usually light and neutral tones, and bright colors are used only for impact.

vintage interior decoration

vintage style interior decoration

Interior decoration with wabi-sabi style

Wabi-sabi is a Japanese term that basically means to find beauty in imperfection. Wabi se refers to living with humility and simplicity, while being one with nature, and i knew it is defined as the ability to accept the life cycle of anything as it is, with its flaws and all. In the context of interior design and decoration, a wabi-sabi home is one that embraces the authenticityThat is, finding value in what has been worn and lived with love, which at the same time, promotes a general sense of peace and tranquility using simplicity.

wabisabi style interior decoration

Instead of adding the latest and greatest and obsessing over making every detail perfect, people who embrace wabi-sabi interiors find harmony in authenticity and imperfection. Organic materials and elements of nature are the main components of a wabi-sabi home, due to the good vibrations they bring.

interior decoration wabisabi

Also, the natural impurities found in plants, wood, and stone are excellent daily reminders of the beauty that can be found in blemishes. Of course, to maximize these good vibes, consider integrating wooden furniture, fresh flowers, and as many plants as you like. Of course, if you are not very fond of plants you can perfectly incorporate some suculent that give you all the benefits of natural plants but without excessive maintenance.

interior decoration wabisabii

Materials in interior design trends 2021

Of course, the search for natural elements will be the main path for 2021. Wood, iron, glass and stone will be the dominant materials. An organic and relaxed atmosphere it is a high trend. Either through a woven style of furniture and accessories or textiles that cover them. Certainly the texture of the material adds interest, but without detracting from the visual image.

interior decoration materials


Wood will be the ruler of 2021 among materials. Nordic styles, a choice to furnish the home, is gaining more and more success worldwide, being consolidated by the simplicity and warmth that the natural element can convey. Wood is a material that can be unique when it is used for the production of furniture, thanks to the grain, the shades of the colors and the imperfections, all this make the furniture definitely almost personalized. But not only will Scandinavian style be contemplated in the trends of 2021, but globalization will also be affirmed in the way we see and structure interior design and decoration, mixing styles, colors and lines without problems or fear.

interior decoration wood kitchen

interior decoration with wood

interior decoration woods

interior decoration dark wood


For this season, the creation of an enriching and comforting home environment, is at the forefront of interior design and decoration trends. Due to the pandemic, with people spending more time at home, working, playing, learning and exercising, interior design and decoration are also being modified to adapt to more activities and at the same time, provide a strong sense of safety and comfort.

interior decoration terracotta floor

Tile floors may seem cold indoors, but luckily, you can choose terracotta floors. The earth tones of the terracotta tiles add warmth to your home. If sustainability is a priority in your design, you can look for reclaimed terra cotta floors. This is not only good for the environment, but it also adds more character to your space.

terracotta interior decoration

The wallpaper

Wallpaper is a key trend for 2021. Whatever your taste, there is something for everyone, from traditional flowers to contemporary geometric and tropical patterns to animal motifs and architectural designs. Thanks to progress in new printing and finishing techniques, it is constantly pushing the limits, and the availability of new designs and patterns makes it even more exciting.

interior decoration wallpaper

interior decoration wallpaper

Trendy ornaments and accessories for 2021


As we already mentioned, texture is very important this season. The furniture provides a natural touch made by hand with materials such as rattan and wicker, two widely used materials. Textiles play an important role in many …

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