Interior decoration with beautiful green leaves

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Decor : Interior decoration with beautiful green leaves

tropical green leaves interior decoration

In interior decoration, each trend is repeated from time to time. These days, nature-inspired patterns are causing a lot of fuss. The interior decoration with green leaves are full of details and leafy motifs, cheerful and modern.

tropical style interior decoration

This type of interior decoration with green leaves or we could also call it tropical decoration, you can create it very easily with the help of prints. You can use both wallpaper and curtains with patterns printed with green leaves.

botanical interior decoration

Although in the same way you can also use plants or large green leaves treated in DIY. Wallpaper or wallpaper in a tropical style adds a lot of color and style to a modern interior design with a summery spirit.

interior decoration with green leaves

Fortunately, today there are many options on the market, of which you will surely find something special for your home. You can find from large designs with leafy glitter to jungle motifs. Here we will show you images with interior decoration with green leaves to inspire you a little more.

Interior decoration with beautiful jungle design wallpaper

interior decoration vegetation

Interior decoration with large green patterned leaves is without a doubt a great way to add that tropical touch to your home interior without much effort. By putting wallpaper on one of your living room walls, for example, you don’t have to change any other aspect of the room.

boy bedroom interior decoration

Both huge green leaves and slightly smaller leaves in repetitive design, you can create a focal point very quickly. In the same way you can also add indoor plants or some accessory with green accents. So you can create a fresh and modern interior design.

Bedroom with simple decor with framed green leaves and real plants

bedroom interior decoration

Most of the time we cannot imagine interior decoration with a tropical print with large leaves in the bathroom. Of course, it is an area where this type of decoration should be done with a little more care. Since we don’t have as much space to play.

bathroom interior decoration

But if it can be done properly, it is certainly worth such a decoration in our bathroom. Lighting in slightly smaller spaces such as the bathroom is key. With proper lighting, you’ll be able to highlight the wallpaper as well as the metallic accents that are so stylish.

Minimalist bathroom decor with large green leaves

interior decoration sheets bathroom

Fortunately, the wallpaper market has come a long way. As we already mentioned, today you can find many patterns for different tastes. But you also have the great option of being able to customize the wallpaper.

interior decoration large sheets

There are people who like prints with large green leaves or jungle designs. But some people like much more fun designs and patterns like fruit prints. Green leaf and flower prints can now be seen on everything from sofas to curtains to bedding.

interior decoration wall sheets

So you can get your interior decoration in a tropical style in many ways. You can combine furniture with painted cushions, curtains in your living room, or bedding in your bedroom with tropical details. Of course there are other alternatives to wallpaper if you prefer.

Green leaf print curtain for a tropical look

interior decoration curtain

Although this is an excellent option. In addition to being able to be installed and removed whenever you want and very easily, they are also easy to maintain. But hey, instead of placing a beautiful patterned paper with large green leaves try the decorative pillows.

interior decoration room

Also with squares where the green leaves stand out and so you can add and test. You may not know it, but this type of tropical palm print decor has been used in interior design for decades.

tropical plaid interior decoration

What shows that this style will not go out of style is the many replicas that can be seen in different elements. From sofas to even the fashion catwalks of great designers. Patterns with tropical prints and large green leaves are undoubtedly happy motifs.

interior decoration checkered sheets

Placing them on a wall in the living room, in the hallway, bathroom or kitchen, is to give a happy touch to that space. It’s amazing that with a simple tropical-style wallpaper you can fill the interior of a home with all the natural beauty of the exterior. With simple details like this one can create a unique, happy and also relaxing space.

Wallpaper with big green leaves in living room

interior decoration with painted leaves

Another great way to add tropical patterns with green leaves is to place prints on frames. It is also perfect for decorating a room. This trend has become popular again because it is really very versatile.

eye-catching interior decoration

To create your tropical interior decoration you can easily involve real plants. Also printed on wallpaper, rugs, cushions or any other accessory with these patterns. It doesn’t take that much effort to get your green oasis inside your home.

Striking tropical wallpaper with large leaves in the bathroom

interior decoration bathroom

With wallpapers you will not only achieve a tropical or exotic atmosphere. But also happy and very stimulating for relaxation. The green color in any of its tones is very beautiful but it is not the only color that appears in the tropical concept.

interior decoration sheets in box

Of course it is the most striking but also these soft woody or earthy tones. As well as gold, turquoise and even orange. So when creating your tropical interior decoration with large green leaves, you can combine with any other color of nature.

modern tropic interior decoration

Have you ever heard that the color green is the elixir of life? Yes, science has proven that indoor plants greatly improve the climate of a room. They also stimulate the mind and can even have a calming effect on people.

Completely white living room with focal point on wall decoration

interior decoration nature

Surely you’ve ever been on a walk in the woods or been to a beautiful garden. Surely you will have felt calm and you will have noticed that your thoughts or concerns disappear at that moment. Just being in contact with nature and being able to observe the plants, touch them and even perceive their aroma immediately gives us a feeling of tranquility.

interior decoration mural

Without a doubt, nature attracts all the senses and brings them together so that you can be present at that moment and feel the beauty of life. Green is generally linked to growth and energy. And this is due to the constant peculiarity of regeneration in the natural world.

Great interior decoration with 3D wallpaper with green leaves and logs

original interior decoration

It is a unique and wonderful process, even if we have it in front of our eyes we rarely appreciate it. For example in spring, green is everywhere, in summer it can also be seen in abundance. During the autumn the green is combined with many beautiful colors and in winter it is already removed to rest and return with energy.

Elegant decoration with long leaves in green and white stamped on the wall

interior decoration wallpaper leaves

That is why green is linked with life, plants, renewal. Also with hope, youth, freshness and immortality. This trend in tropical interior decoration offers many options to satisfy every taste. Of course, the large green leaves are highly appreciated and eye-catching.

beautiful wall decorated with green leaves and cute toucans

interior decoration wallpaper

But if you wish you could incorporate leaf designs or patterns with other soft or bold colors. A long time ago, this type of decoration with green and tropical leaves, could only be seen in the tourist and recreation centers.

Large mural with green leaves and logs in cozy living room

interior wall decoration

Fortunately, that has changed and they are a trend in our homes in many ways. The lush greens, sometimes even combined with the navy blue, are excellent for reflecting nature within our homes. If you want, and it is in your possibilities, you could combine leafy patterns with lacquered furniture.

Interior decoration combining pictures and decorative pillows with green leaf motifs

modern tropical interior decoration

It would also look great and a little lighter using wooden furniture. Or neutral colors to make your tropical focal point stand out a bit more. In the same way it can work if you use upholstered furniture with intense colors. Today you can find tapestries with green leaf patterns and exotic flora.

palm tree wall interior decoration

This type of decoration with tropical prints also add a touch of drama. It also sets up a space for something a little more summery. It gives a feeling of being outside with the more and in complete tranquility. If you want something bold try a dense foliage pattern and deeper colors.

Sliding doors decorated in a tropical style

bay window interior decoration

Or you can go for something lighter with soft tones and more negative space. Of course, you should keep in mind that lining an entire room with a wallpaper with very strong colors could be overwhelming at first glance. So we advise you to take a large wall as the focal point.

Minimalist rustic bedroom with simple green leaf details on the wall

bedroom wall interior decoration

In the same way, you should be very careful with the rooms that are very decorated. Remember that only with a patterned wallpaper with a tropical motif you already do a lot. So there is no need to go overboard on decorations or decorative accessories in the rooms.

tropical paper interior decoration

You should not forget the importance of adding texture in interior decorations and this is no exception. This tropical style is not just about filling a room with plants or wallpapering the walls with tropical wallpaper. You can add textures in various ways.

Sliding door of the bathroom decorated with tropical motif

interior decoration shower door

Textured rugs, soft furniture in light colors like wicker. You could also add texture through wooden bowls or handmade baskets, among others. All this in combination can give a soft and bright atmosphere to the interior of your home.

Interior decoration with tropical motif wall, furniture and cushions

interior decoration focal point

As we already mentioned, adding tropical plants to the interior of your home is the easiest way to create a tropical environment in your space. Of course, you don’t need to spend a lot of money buying new furniture or upholstering them if you can’t.

interior decoration room

Incorporating beautiful vegetation inside your home is not only the easiest way to have the tropics at home. But it is also the cheapest way out there. As for the plants that you could take into account, we would recommend exotic anthuriums. Or birds of paradise, since they are easy to find.

Interior decoration with real plants

interior decoration plants

The beautiful bright colors of the anthuriums give vitality. While the striking birds of paradise will add a focal point to your room. But if you prefer a slightly duller color you could consider a peace lily. Since the soft white of the flowers works very well with the green tones.

interior decoration living room

Tropical decor can be adjusted in any room. of home. Be it with green leafy plants in the bathroom, patterned wallpaper in your living room or bedroom, or upholstered furniture. This decoration is about embracing nature.

interior decoration dressing table

To create the feeling of being surrounded by beautiful and striking green vegetation even when in a city. With so many designs and even that you can even have a custom pattern it will not be difficult to choose one. Green leaf prints are very popular to create that amazing tropical feeling all year round. Many times you don’t need to have a wide wall in your living room or a giant bedroom to include this tropical decoration.

interior decoration vegetation curtain

green interior decoration

subtle interior decoration

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