Interior decoration with walnut – Beauty and durability

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Interior decoration with walnut - Beauty and durability

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Today, wood is a material that contributes a lot in interior decoration. Whether in any style, wood can grant tradition, beauty and modernism. With all the diversity that exists in the market, wood can satisfy the taste of each person. There are different types, colors, patterns, textures.

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Which perfectly fit into any interior decoration. From furniture or classic elements to the modern ones, they are undoubtedly very striking. A wooden furniture, you can perfectly make or undo the beautiful and cozy in a room.

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Walnut Interior Decoration

Among the most popular woods used in interior decoration is walnut. This material stands out due to its attractiveness. Also for its durability and finish. Thanks to its color and hardness, walnut wood is widely used for furniture manufacturing.

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Which are much appreciated in interior decoration. Walnut wood can be seen in beautiful brown colors. Both the furniture and the colors used in walnut-colored walls, look amazing by accentuating both the classic and the contemporary.

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The walnut wood as it is known, is quite resistant and can be found in diverse and beautiful colors. Which provide a homely and distinguished feeling. For a long time, walnut wood has been a favorite option for floors.

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This wood is so versatile that it not only works well for floors, but can also be used as a kind of veneer for kitchen cabinets. Actually this special wood can be included in the interior decoration in your home in any way.

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Both on the floor, in tables, chairs, cabinets, frames for mirrors and even in beautiful and elegant. And if you want to go a little further, you can also perfectly cover the walls of your home with this magnificent wood. Consult an expert and you will see that the investment you will make will undoubtedly be worth it.

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Benefits of interior decoration with walnut

The elements and furniture of walnut are already within the world of interior design and decoration. And more and more people see in them an excellent alternative for housing. By choosing an interior decoration with walnut wood, you can give a completely new atmosphere to your home.

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This interior decoration with walnut wood, not only impregnates you with a homely and comfortable feeling. But they also have a mix between classic and vintage with modern. And that is one of the many advantages of wood. Whatever the style or decoration, it can be used in any home. By choosing the walnut medra for interior decoration of your home you will get many benefits.

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Interior decoration with walnut gives durability

This walnut wood is very solid and also of good quality, so it is guaranteed to last a long time. The furniture made of this wood, are very strong. Something very important is that they are extremely easy to maintain and polish.

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All you need to do is clean it with a wood cleaner and keep it free of dust and dirt, as simple as that. Because of the fact that wood is one of the most durable materials, they are usually a bit more expensive.

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That is, if you compare the price of a walnut dining table it will obviously be a little more expensive than a glass dining table. But this will undoubtedly be a good investment that will be worth it.

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Can be modified

Any wooden furniture that you have in your home, can be modified and transformed into any other element or furniture. Either on a small table or chair or frames for mirrors. Similarly, if you have, for example, a dining table that you would like to change but it is not in your budget. Simply by sanding the wood, placing a coat of varnish or paint, you already change the look.

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Both to your dining table and to the room, in just a matter of hours. Continuing with the example of the dining table. If you give it a new color to change its appearance, this will not damage the wood. It can even help repair or hide any scratches or bumps that the table has suffered over time.

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They are unique

Although it costs you a little to believe, each wooden furniture is unique and authentic. This is due to the crafts involved in its manufacture. Deciding and investing in good quality wooden furniture, yes, it may be a bit expensive, but it will definitely be worth it.

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The walnut furniture in interior decoration, provide a sense of elegance and modernism, which makes it very striking. Sometimes, many people buy and spend money on items or furniture to make their homes look luxurious and lush.

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But there is nothing like a walnut coffee table, to mention some furniture. It is worth mentioning that not only can you get furniture with a clean and polished finish, but you can also opt for a rustic interior decoration.

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We must also take into account that wood is the most ecological real estate material we know. This material does not harm the environment, which is very important to take into account in order to provide a grain of sand.

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Characteristics of walnut furniture

In the market there is a variety of furniture made with walnut. They are in a great diversity of styles and finishes. From traditional dining games to comfortable and modern closets. Due to its versatility, this wood adapts to any interior decorating style.

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Of course, some of its features can be seen with the naked eye and without any effort. The furniture and accessories made with walnut are the favorites for many people, thanks to its attractiveness, its aesthetics, and of course also for its strength and durability.

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Attractive colors

The colors in which you can find walnut furniture give a touch of drama to any interior decoration. The heartwood, which is the wood inside a walnut. It can vary from light brown to dark and sometimes it is observed that it is streaked with green and purple.

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On the other hand, the wood outside a walnut tree, which is also known as sapwood, can range from pale yellow to creamy white. When mixed or combined with a dark walnut, a piece worthy of admiration is automatically created, for its impressive contrast.

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Weather resistant

The furniture made with walnut wood is perfect for any type of indoor climate, both wet and dry. However, although walnut wood is resistant to deformation and only produces an almost tiny contraction, walnut furniture must be in an indoor environment. If walnut furniture is placed outside, this will shorten its useful life.

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So preferably they should not be used on patios, porches or terraces. It is also important that the sunlight does not hit them so directly even while inside the home. Since constant sun rays can cause dark colored wood to clear up over time.

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Heavy duty furniture

Without a doubt, the walnut wood is extremely resistant and solid, despite not belonging to the group of the extremely hard. But they are excellent for daily use of dining sets, closets, dressers, coffee and night tables. As for bed frames and headboards.

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All furniture made with walnut wood is very resistant and durable. This largely to the technique and skill of the artisans. Which have been working from generation to generation with this type of wood since the Victorian era. These pieces and antique furniture, of course, are a beautiful way to add a special touch of history and charm to the home.

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With different finishes, this versatile wood can be worked to make furniture with difficult carvings and curvilines. Creating a sophisticated appeal and destined to last a lifetime. The natural pattern of this material is so fascinating and seductive that designers and furniture manufacturers do not use much.

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Retouching and finishing

This wood that is naturally beautiful comes with rich tones, a striking natural pattern. It is strong and has the ability to transform into very thin sheets. For all this it attracts both furniture manufacturers and also manufacturers of finished materials.

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Thanks to the hardness of walnut, the furniture and accessories manufacturers with walnut, create a perfect polished and satin finish. This finish is achieved by sanding with penetrating oil and a 600 grit sandpaper. Sometimes, they use wax, to apply a coat after finishing with the sandpaper and the penetrating oil.

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Thus achieving an impeccable shine. As we mentioned, you can find different colors of walnut in the market. But most people opt for the most classic and common tone. Some walnut furniture manufacturers apply some stains to furniture or accessories to give it a different touch of modernism.

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Excellent material for interior decorations

Thanks to the variety and versatility of walnut, this gives the final consumer many options to play and incorporate furniture in any space. Since you can immediately transform both a classic and modern interior decoration.

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Ideal for the dining room

Walnut wood is a great material to build traditional dining tables and chairs with cabriolet legs due to its tonality, which is also distinguished. A dining table made of walnut or polished wood in a similar tone, looks elegant and at the same time a little vintage.

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A piece of furniture of that quality is undoubtedly a point of focus in the room. And around it, other furniture or accessories are arranged and adapted perfectly. Once the interior decoration of the room is complete, the whole set looks aesthetic and elegant.

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Although in itself, walnut wood looks great, but when combined with wood tones of a different tint it is something unique. A table with two tones will always be a focal point in any room.

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Not only the dining table, this effect is also obtained with side panels or console tables. A dual tone will be distinctive and visually very attractive. The wood in a dark tone, not only gives a balance in the room. Its elegant deep color and the pattern of the wood, makes the atmosphere appreciate intimate and cozy.

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Interior decoration of bathroom with walnut

A bathroom cabinet is never the same as a piece of furniture for any other room in the home. When designing furniture for bathrooms, some elements must be taken into account. For example, the elements of the wood should be thought and designed to stay dry since it will be in a somewhat humid area such as the bathroom.

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Another factor that must be taken into account is the space available in the bathroom. This should be optimal for proper storage. Furniture or bathroom vanities should not be so large or so small, so that there is no imbalance.

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And of course it must be remembered that any type of moisture can cause the wood to develop hogs on the surface. Bathroom furniture with walnut should be easy to clean. To get more out of the furniture for interior decoration walnut in the bathroom. It is advisable to use walnut in cabinets. Or in the mirror frames, on the floor or in the door and window panels.

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