Interview with Didier Fenu, CEO of Serastone

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Interview with Didier Fenu, CEO of Serastone

In a previous article we talked about Serastone decoration and contract panels and today we have Didier Fenu, CEO of Serastone to answer some questions:

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<p style=What is Serastone?

Serastone® is a innovative decoration system for wall coverings, room dividers and decoration points. It is a system to create original and modern spaces thanks to the different materials, colors, textures and sizes of its panels as well as its versatility, which makes it an essential active element in any project. In addition, Serastone® It can assemble and disassemble on any type of vertical surface easily, quickly and cleanly.

What possibilities does the system offer?

Serastone® It is a decoration system formed by panels of different materials, sizes, textures and colors, which can be assembled, exchanged and disassembled on a structure. It is a tool for decoration and interior design professionals that allows thousands of combinations for their shapes, compositions and sizes. In addition, there are accessories such as extensions, LED lighting and vertical gardens, so with all these elements the possibilities are as we usually say: "More than you could imagine" Even so, to understand the system and all the possibilities it offers, you have to see it, touch it and play with it.

What utilities do you have?

  • Serastone® allows to cover walls in their entirety, decorate them with decoration points and separate environments partially or totally.
  • It can be mounted on any type of surface vertical.
  • Designed for save imperfections of the walls and, with this, that these do not affect the final result of Serastone®.
  • You can ride in record time no need working thanks to its mounting system, which makes it easy, fast and clean.
  • Admit Exchange of panels and accessories and, therefore, changes in decoration.
  • Allows disassembly in its entirety to be reassembled in any other place. It is an asset.

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<p style=Since many of our readers are architects and could be interested in incorporating your system to their projects, do you have a technical department to support the designer?

Yes, in Serastone we have a Technical Department where we advise and give support to the designer in any aspect you need, whether budgetary, design, technical characteristics, doubts or anything else where we can help. However, in most cases the architect's first interlocutor is an official Serastone distributor.

How is the implementation?

The implementation of Serastone® is unique in terms of ease, cleanliness and mounting speed due to the differentiating characteristics of the Serastone system®. No need to do work and with the same steps that could be needed to put a painting, you can both decorate and decorate walls as well as separate rooms. In addition, Serastone trains the assemblers of its distributors and for larger projects it has collaborations with assembly companies.

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<p style=Could you tell us some outstanding project in which this system has been used?

Serastone® It is a very young company and, in this still short journey, among all the projects carried out, one of the most outstanding is the one that was carried out in the Sushi Spirit Restaurant, in Puerto Banús (Málaga). More than the complexity or dimensions of the project, it was due to the timming and the speed of reaction and assembly. The complete assembly of all the coatings was carried out in just one night and achieving a spectacular result thanks to the speed and ease of assembly of the Serastone system®

More info here:

And finally, if readers want to expand information or know more about the product, is there a showroom or specialized store in which to see the product?

To know the product, you just have to contact us through any of our different means of communication ( or by calling 950 482 609, also by email: or on social networks. We also have more than 100 Distributors in Spain where you can get to know Serastone live.

In which fairs or events of the sector are you present?

In February of this year, we participated in Feria Hábitat Valencia, and soon, from October 21 to 23 we will be at InteriHOTEL Barcelona.

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<p style=Didier Fenu - CEO of Serastone

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