Keys to create a small but practical dressing

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Keys to create a small but practical dressing

Small dressing room

We all need space for save our clothes, accessories and fashion accessories. The most common is to do it in closets and comfortable, but would not it be ideal to do it in a dressing room in which each of the garments and accessories have their own space?

There is no need to have a large space like those we see in the reform programs to create a dressing room. A part of a disused room or our own bedroom if it is large may be enough to create a small and practical dressing room, if we plan the interior properly. Do you want to know the keys to do it?

Good lighting

Good lighting is key if we don't want to spend time looking for what we need. If you don't have a window, place one row of recessed spotlights on the ceiling to illuminate the interior of the closet without shading and incorporates interior linestras that light up when the doors are opened. That way you won't have to worry about the flash of light ”if you have to look for something while another sleeps.

Dressing lighting

Accessories for tidying clothes

To plan the dressing distribution It is necessary to know what kind of garments, accessories and objects we have. Because what we need to save will determine not only the most appropriate distribution but also the organizational systems to incorporate.

The bars are necessary in every dressing room to hang pants, shirts, dresses, jackets and coats. However, if you have more folded clothes the logical thing will be to allocate more space to Shelves and drawers. Do you understand now why it is necessary to reflect on the type of clothes we have?

Order in small dressing room

Choose the right hangers for hanging clothes, tidyly place folded clothes on the shelves and use a vertical system on the drawers. And if the dressing room has little accessible corners or a great depth, resort to removable systems So that nothing escapes your sight.

Dressing organization

Baskets, boxes and dividers They are also accessories are very practical to organize and keep the closet in order. You can store the clothes of other seasons in the boxes, use the baskets for scarves, gloves and hats and the dividers to organize changes, belts or jewelry, among other things.

Space for bags and shoes

In addition to the coats, pants and dresses, they also need a space in this small dressing room that we are creating shoes and bags. If space is not a problem, place the first ones in a vertical module with slightly inclined shelves or bet on folding fabric solutions that you can hang from any dressing bar.


Another idea to organize shoes is to arrange stackable boxes in the lower area of ​​the dressing room. If you opt for this system, look for boxes with a flip top so you don't have to move all the boxes when you want a pair, believe me, you'll thank it! Do you need more ideas? A few months ago we showed you some more.

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And the bags? Use the shelves of your dressing room to have on hand the seasonal bags or those that you use most. To keep them in an upright position and prevent them from falling all when taking one, use dividers like the ones in the photo. Group the smallest in a basket and those out of season in large boxes in the upper area of ​​the closet. You can also hang these on special hooks in one of the bars of the closet, whatever you find most comfortable.


Today there are numerous solutions in the market that contribute to making cabinets and dressing rooms look more orderly. They even exist specialized stores in this type of products, stores where you will find solutions that you probably don't even know exist.

Spend time reflecting on the clothes you have, the kind of accessories you use ... and in what number. Even if it seems like a wasted time, nothing is further from reality! Only then can you succeed with the distribution of the dressing room and maximize your space. Only then can you give each place its place, the key to a space remains tidy, no doubt!

Are you now clear on how to take advantage of a small dressing room?

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