Keys to decorate small bathrooms

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Keys to decorate small bathrooms

Small bathrooms

Yes we have some small spaces, we may need to think about the distribution a lot and look for a few tricks to make the space seem wider. There are many ways to make the rooms much larger, something that can also be applied to small bathrooms.

If you have one of these small bathrooms, take note of some of the keys to decorate everything with good taste and the best ideas. Small bathrooms can also be charming, as we can see in the following examples.

White color

Bathrooms in white tones

One of the best keys there can be to make the spaces seem much wider is use the color white, which is also a trend. In the current bathrooms we see spaces that are diaphanous and beautiful, with many light tones to give luminosity. If you want a current bathroom, white should be the base, especially since it makes the spaces seem much wider. It is important that this tone is found in places like the ceiling, so that it looks taller, the floors, to give breadth, and also the walls. If the total white bores us, we can always add colorful brushstrokes.

Soft tones

Pastel shades

In this sense, if our bathroom is small we cannot add much color in certain things. In addition, it is recommended that shades that we add are soft. That is, we should opt for pastel shades. A soft lilac, a light yellow or a pastel green are good options not to reduce brightness despite adding color.

Shower instead of bathtub


Another of the most important keys for the small bathroom to offer us spaciousness and functionality is to choose the shower before the bathtub. A bathtub occupies a lot and in some spaces it is already impossible to put it. With a walk-in shower we will get a functional space which also takes full advantage. The shower should go in a corner or in the final area of ​​the bathroom. In addition, if we use a glass screen, it will give us more light and space.

Choose the sink well

Washbasins in the bathroom

The sink is another element that can take away space if we do not choose it well. It is usually placed next to the wall and you try to create some storage at. There are many options today, with rectangular furniture with drawers that are added to the wall, so that the bottom is free. It is a good option if we want some breadth.

Sliding door

Sliding door

Normally the door detracts space in the bathrooms at the time of opening it, which makes us remain empty without taking advantage of. In this case the best solution for smaller places is to use a sliding door, with which we will always have all the available space. So we can add some storage furniture to the side or in the corner next to the door.

Use a mobile furniture

Bathroom trolley

If you like to have enough things in the bathroom, it is essential that everything is well ordered. A good option is that of have a mobile car to have certain things like towels. So we can consider moving it or removing it in case visits come and we need more space.

Good lighting

Good lighting

On many occasions what fails in small spaces is the lack of light, which makes them appear smaller and more dingy. That is why we must always take into account the ideas to have good lighting. Put on different points of light To prevent some areas from being dark is a great idea. If we can also have a window, even if it is tall and small, the better, because it will give us natural light.

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