Keys to decorate the dining room with style

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Keys to decorate the dining room with style

Stylish dining room

The dining area is an essential place in our home In the dining room we gather family and friends, so it becomes one of the central points in our home. That is why we always go around the design of this space, to make it more cozy and stylish.

Let's see some of the keys that we must take into account when decorating the dining room. There are many ideas and styles available, so the variety can be overwhelming. But if we follow some guidelines it will be much easier to do so.

Furniture size

Stylish dining room

This is something we must choose well because otherwise we will find a dining room that is not comfortable or functional. We must measure the distance between walls in the area where we are going to place the dining room to get an idea of ​​how big the table can be. If you like meetings and need capacity, you can always opt for tables that are extensible, so that the rest of the time they do not occupy so much space. If the table is large, we can afford chairs that occupy more, with high backs and arms. Otherwise it is better to opt for light pieces.

Choose the design of the chairs well

Chairs for the dining room

Chairs are a very important part in these types of spaces. Choosing a good design makes our dining room have much more style and do not go unnoticed. We even like the trend by which chairs of different shapes and sizes are chosen, in an eclectic and original way. The materials in this case are important, since wood can be a classic and warm choice at the same time, which does not go out of style, while plastics are ideal for the freshest and most modern dining rooms.

Provide color with textiles

The textiles can be a good addition to color To the spaces. A dining room will always need good textiles such as a carpet that is beautiful with which we can give color. Care must be taken when choosing tablecloths and carpets, since if they do not combine they can spoil the effect of the dining room. If we doubt when buying, it is always better to opt for those that are simple and basic, that is, a carpet in beige or gray tones and white or plain tablecloths.

A well placed lamp

Dining room with lamp

The dining room must also have good lighting and we find many ideas when we should light it. The dining room lamps that we like most hang on the table, to give a lot of style to this area. The Industrial spotlights are from our favorite lamps Although there are many other designs that can be perfect for the dining room. With a lamp on the table we will add a lot of style to everything.

Support and storage furniture

Dining room furniture

In the dining room we will not only need a table and chairs, but we also have to add normally some storage furniture to support us. In these cases you usually choose a dresser or taller furniture, but we like the dressers because they do not occupy so much with their presence and are ideal for creating a good style. In these comfortable we can store everything necessary for the dining room, from the linens to the cutlery we need.

How to decorate the walls

The walls of the dining room can also be decorated so that we have a beautiful style. We like simple paintings, which give an elegant touch to everything, with black and white sheets for example or in tones that combine with textiles.

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