Keys to understand the new Technical Building Code

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Decor : Keys to understand the new Technical Building Code

We are currently living in a time of continuous changes within the building sector. We are constantly seeking to achieve more sustainable, environmentally friendly buildings and achieve good air conditioning without having to consume a lot of energy. With the arrival of the new Technical Building Code of 2020, a better energy efficiency of the facilities is sought.

The current Basic Document of the CTE was approved in the council of ministers of 12/20/2019 Royal Decree 732/2019 and has been published in the BOE of 12/27/2019, however, due to the health crisis situation caused by the expansion of Covid-19, the voluntary application of this new Technical Code will be postponed on calendar days for the state of alarm to add to the original application date of June 27, 2020.

Thus, in its commitment to offer quality training, Junkers has incorporated two new online modules on the Technical Building Code to its 2020 Training Plan that he will teach through his Online Junkers Classroom. In this way, it continues to actively contribute to the training, preparation and qualification of installation professionals with the aim of offering them a complete command to become installation experts with the utmost knowledge of the latest regulations.

Junkers offers the following courses:

  • CTE: HE Energy Saving
  • CTE: HS4 of Water Supply and RD of prevention of legionella

The first one aimed at the designer will offer a summary of the new CTE, as well as an analysis of the different solutions available for a home in the generation of heating, air conditioning and sanitary hot water, and the second one addressed to the installer summarizes the new Technical Code applied to sanitary hot water installations in homes. Two modules where installation professionals will be able to access multimedia content, knowledge tests and the issuance of the certificate certifying completion of the course.

Interested professionals may register through the Aula Junkers website.

New solutions for thermal generation systems in homes

One of the main novelties of this new legislation is the definition according to the climatic zones of the demand patterns in terms of heating, cooling and domestic hot water. In this sense, Junkers has a wide range of solutions that promote the efficient use of energy and are committed to caring for the environment. Cutting-edge solutions that have the latest technology to meet the demands with highly energy-efficient equipment.

Thus, Junkers proposes its range of Supraeco heat pumps as one of the best solutions to achieve the greatest comfort at home at any time of the year. As they are made up of reversible air-water heat pumps, they supply heat, cold and domestic hot water in one product.

In addition, they have become one of the most efficient systems, since, by extracting energy from the outside air, comfort is achieved in a free, natural way, protecting the environment and promoting energy savings.

With all this, the brand highlights its commitment to offering solutions that guarantee the greatest comfort without neglecting energy efficiency, savings at home and its concern for the environment, always guaranteeing compliance with regulations, in highest levels of efficiency.

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