Kitchen Lighting: Ideas And Photos

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The center of the home is the kitchen, it is a special place in many homes it serves as a space for family and social union when there are guests, an area for conversation, sharing, exchanging opinions, and commenting on the day to day.

So what better option than to achieve in this space a cozy place, attractive to all for those who live in the home and those who come to visit us.


Lighting is an essential element for kitchen decoration, as it can transform the environment through various light sources in order to beautify it and allow us a more functional and welcoming workspace.


Depending on the layout of the kitchen and the elements that compose it, below we provide some alternatives to optimize and decorate the kitchen through lighting.


The general lighting of the kitchen can become the center of attention with great pendant lamps in the center. Another more subtle alternative is with simple light bulbs where the amount to install will depend on the size of the kitchen.


Another option for general kitchen lighting is through lighting systems designed with false ceilings, a great alternative where LED bulbs are used that illuminate the area optimally.


In addition to general lighting, spot lighting is a great decorative tool especially when placed over a central kitchen island or a breakfast bar. They are usually the center of attention when using two or more pendant lamps in a line, the amount depends on the size of the lamps and the bar or island. They are used as a complement to the general light with bulbs.


General lighting tends to reflect shadows especially when we are located in front of the food preparation cabinets, therefore, to make this area more functional is to include direct lights that illuminate the area. If you have built-in cabinets on top, lights are often fitted in-line underneath them, also achieving a beautiful, modern finish to the kitchen.


Other important areas to improve kitchen lighting is the storage area. Some state-of-the-art cabinet designs include interior lighting and energy-efficient lighting to help you find what you need on the spot.


An alternative that helps to complement a good light reflection is through metal artifacts, mirrors and glass materials, since they double the light and the environment looks brighter and with the feeling of spaciousness. As well as the kitchen furniture in white.


Two different designs of pendant lamps are included in this specimen. The kitchen is subtly divided into two areas and we see that the pendant lamp style under the dining room table stands out more than the other two that are located in the food preparation area.


As an additional alternative to the cabinet area, this design includes lighting above the upper cabinet, focusing the light along the countertops and upper cabinets.

kitchen-illuminateGreat kitchen designs also include unexpected lighting systems achieving a great decorative effect like this example that includes lights under the surface of the breakfast bar. As well as lighting outside the upper kitchen cabinet doors.

These were some ideas that can help you solve the lack of artificial light in the kitchen. If you have any additional ideas, tell us!

Designs Source: Snaidero, Desing Remont, Deviantart

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