Konmari Method: What You Need To Know To Organize Your Home

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Konmari Method: What You Need To Know To Organize Your Home. Generally when people begin to decorate their house the first thing that comes up is the following “I don’t have enough space”

That is usually the first statement that everyone makes together, and that is that there is an appreciation that there are no square meters that are enough for all the things we have or everything we want to incorporate, and we must not fool ourselves, in short, to many the shortage of space is a reality.

We have even written about it here on the blog, such as ideas for small dressing rooms in your home, decoration of small bathrooms, and even decoration of small gardens.

However, while for many the absence of space is real, for others it simply requires a change of perspective, and the truth is that these people do have the space, in fact, with more than enough space!

So what happens that they are not able to see it? Very simple Disorder!

That’s right, the disorder, the excess of things (often unnecessary) and the lack of organization is what prevents you from truly appreciating all the space you have.

For many it is difficult to even distinguish that they live in disorder, but for others, it is easier to accept and recognize that something has to change if they hope to improve the appearance of their home.

However, whether you are one or the other, or even, if you are already an organized person but still want to improve, we have the ideal solution for you. The Konmari Method!

Get ready to learn more about how a Japanese guru of order has managed to revolutionize the industry through her innovative method of organization.

Who is Konmari?

Marie kondo, best known for being the founder of the Konmari method, is a Japanese decoration consultancy that goes beyond the visually aesthetic and through its techniques of order and organization seeks to transform spaces and lives.

His method is characterized by being an internal work that has external consequences, as expressed in his best seller «The Magic of order » in which he explains how order derives much of the calm (or absence of it) that exists in our life.

After the worldwide success of his book, Kondo was mentioned by Time among the 100 most influential personalities in 2015 , while this year he published the sequel to his manual, entitled “Happiness after order.”

According to the premise that Marie expresses in her books, once we begin to purify our space of the things we do not need and we only keep the essentials, in the same way we will begin to purify our lives.

Living in an orderly house, according to Kondo, transmits serenity and well-being And, for this reason, the fundamental principle imposed is that we should all keep in our homes only objects that convey joy such as clothes, tools, ornaments and furniture objects.

How is the Method Marie kondo

The Marie Kondo method, called konmari, actuallye revolves around getting rid of useless objects or things we don’t like.

This method is a technique that allows not only organize spaces, create order and structure, but also transform lives.

It sounds a bit mystical to approach a complete life transformation simply through a method of ordering, but the truth is that order generates well-being and many times the chaos that we allow to accumulate around us is representative of something that is happening inside us. .

In effect, the konmari method is a technique that once internalized, will become part of your life naturally.

Method Marie Kondo step by step

As with all methods and techniques, this requires that you follow a structure, or rather, a series of steps so that you yourself can begin to bring the magic of order to your home.

Assign A Place For Each Thing

It sounds obvious, but many times those things that we think are obvious are the first to be overlooked. The first thing you should do is assign a specific place for each thing, so when you finish using it you can place it there again.

Discard, then save

The space you have is enough, and that is the premise of the Konmari method, but to take advantage of it you must get rid of all the unnecessary things that take up valuable space.

Most of the things we have are things that we “think we need or want” but that we never really use and don’t really want anymore, but we still hold on to them.

That is why the first thing you should do is start discarding all those things that you do not need, nor have you been using, Get rid of everything! And then those that have remained, place them in the place that you have already assigned.

Sort by Category

Do not scatter the storage places. Keep all the things of the same category or the same type in one place, in this way it will facilitate your work when trying to find them and also when locating them.

Also when it comes to separating things when you are going to organize them, you can divide everything between: clothes first, then books, papers, komono (which is how Marie defines things that it is not well known in which category to put it or miscellany) and, finally, memories.

Don’t Stack Things

In the case of closet storage, especially for women, it is always an eternal challenge to determine exactly what we have and where it is, coupled with the fact that there never seems to be enough space.

That is why the proposal of the konmari method is vertical organization, do not stack things, store them vertically and thus facilitate their visualization and distribute the space better.

Keep Things Because You Love Them

Many times we cling to objects simply because, because we think we will use them again at another time or because we simply do not want to let them go. However, the order of your home will become much more bearable and you keep only what you genuinely love.

Let yourself be carried away by the magic of order

Getting rid of material things can be a difficult process, and it is that without realizing it we become attached to objects that truly do not fulfill any utility or purpose, and thus we accumulate things that do not add value to our life.

With the Konmari method you will begin to purify the unnecessary in your life and to better organize your space.

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