Laminated, resistant and economical floors

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Laminated, resistant and economical floors

Laminate flooring

The laminate flooring They are an excellent option to dress the floors of a house. They are durable durable and offer a very good quality / price ratio. They also have numerous features and can be found with a wide variety of qualities and designs. Do you want to know more about these soils?

What are laminate floors?

Laminate floors are layered floors manufactured based on a high density fiberboard glued and compacted in a waterproof way. To this core panel are added, as shown in the following image, other layers responsible for the design, strength and durability of it.

  1. A transparent top layer and wear resistant, formed by several layers of melamine pressed on the high density fiber core panel. It ends with an embossing that imitates the wood so that its texture is practically identical.
  2. A high resolution photography of wood or stone or real cement that reproduces with very sophisticated printing techniques and is finished with melamine resin.
  3. A panel of HDF core Composed of refined wood fibers and durable melamine resin, stable and very resistant to moisture.
  4. A reinforcement layer moisture resistant that balances the slats and prevents them from bulging or arching.

Laminate flooring

Laminate floors are characterized by their strength and durability, characteristics that will determine its suitability for a particular use. In order to help us choose the right laminate flooring, it is convenient to look at what place it occupies in the AC classification, accepted internationally. In this scale the levels of AC1 to AC3 are reserved for residential use, while C4 to C6 are also suitable for commercial use.

Laminate flooring

Ikea laminate flooring

Comparing them with natural wood floors, they better resist moisture, scratches and stains, as well as being cheaper. Its installation is usually simple, normally floating and with a "click" system that makes its assembly quite fast.

Advantages and disadvantages

We've all heard of some of the Advantages of installing laminate floors. We know that they are durable and resistant and that they offer us good value for money. There are others, however, less popular but as important as these and equally responsible for the popularity of this material. Get to know them!

  • They are durable. The durability will depend on the quality of both the high density board with which each laminate floor is manufactured and the outer protective layer. Did you know that the latter is the one used to establish the abrasion resistance of these soils and determine their group on the AC scale?
  • They are harder than natural wood floors, so they scratch and wear less easily.
  • Economic. Compared to wooden floors they are economical. They generally offer good value for money.
  • Easy to install Laminate flooring is easier to install than other types of floors; Its installation is usually floating with a built-in "click" system.
  • It can install on other floors. On cement, granite, vinyl, wood floors, etc. as long as they are level.
  • Simple cleaning. Just a vacuum cleaner or mop for daily maintenance of these floors. Periodically, we can also use a mop with little water and non-abrasive products.
  • Hypoallergenic and antibacterial. An especially interesting feature for busy spaces or with pets.
  • There are laminate floors that can be combined with cooling or underfloor heating at low temperature
  • Quality laminate flooring is ideal for humid environments, including bathrooms.
  • Great variety of qualities and designs. We can find them with different technical characteristics, in different sizes of slat and with a multitude of designs.
Pergo laminate flooring

Pergo laminate flooring

However, not all benefits. exist a series of buts which should also be mentioned. The most important is, without a doubt, that although it imitates the aesthetics of wood, those who seek the sensation of stepping on it will be disappointed. We must also take into account that there will be advantages that will depend on its quality and the extras will increase its price. As for the impossibility of brushing it if it splinters, it is compensated with the economics of replacing the slats, so it does not have to because it is not really an inconvenience in our opinion.

Do you want to renovate your house? Laminate floors offer you numerous features and endless designs that will allow you to play with the aesthetics of the rooms. If you have children, pets or do not want to worry about them for years, laminate floors will convince you. They are not as warm as natural wood floors, but their price probably compensates.

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