Las Lomas Passivhaus: a self-sufficient house that does not waste energy

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Decor : Las Lomas Passivhaus: a self-sufficient house that does not waste energy

Las Lomas Passivhaus has become a pioneer project in terms of sustainability due to the techniques used in its construction. It is located in the Lomas del Gállego (Zaragoza), returning money to its owners for the surplus energy it generates. To achieve this, it has had the help of Griesser, a solar protection company that has developed a project of maximum energy efficiency and comfort.

The most energy efficient home

self-sufficient house that does not waste energy

These houses are in the construction phase and are expected to be completed by December 2021. This set of houses saves energy and does not produce any type of waste. Such is the amount of energy that they will generate, that their owners will be able to recover part of the investment due to the electricity surplus. Its interior has a clean, constant and renewed air that favors the elimination of viruses, bacteria and fungi.

Without any expense in electricity or gas bills, an almost zero environmental impact, and with a high degree of comfort and an extraordinarily healthy environment, these houses have been built under the Passivhaus (passive house) certification. It is a construction standard that introduces the most profitable solution (both for the user and for the planet), achieving a model of sustainable and energy-efficient homes, with a high degree of well-being for its users. They have the Passivhaus Premium certification, the highest category of the international Passivhaus standard and the most demanding in the world in energy efficiency, which makes them much more efficient and with a lower consumption than the “A” rating.

It could be summarized that these homes will be able to create interior conditions of adequate temperature and comfort throughout the year, with minimal energy expenditure.

At the forefront of innovation and energy efficiency

Generating up to five times more energy than they consume, not only do they not spend anything on supplies in their entire lives, but during the same time they avoid spending on fuel for two vehicles and even have enough energy for the electricity company to pay. for it to its owners, thanks to the abolition of the controversial “sun tax.”

Without the need for radiators or air conditioning, they are equipped with a ventilation system with a heat recovery system, and underfloor heating that provides heating and cooling. Although it is not a widely known construction technique, it is beginning to be used even in public housing.

It is the way that international construction will go from now on, as a measure to protect the environment. It is a clear example of how to stop “passively” and through “your home”, climate change. Specifically, these homes only consume 15 KW / h m2 / year, which turns out to be the lowest existing consumption of any home in Spain to date.

Never before has a building with lower energy consumption, lower carbon footprint and more savings (up to 6000 euros per year in energy) been projected (or validated by an international body), exceeding the most demanding international construction standards.

Automatic sun protection system

The automatic and adjustable blinds that these buildings incorporate, incorporated by Griesser, by allowing the light intensity to be regulated, offer excellent protection against glare and overheating, ensuring energy savings. In addition, this solar protection system protects the insulation of the lintel, minimizes the transmission of noise, reducing energy consumption by up to 10%.

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