Learn how to decorate your bathroom with charm

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Decor : Learn how to decorate your bathroom with charm

Charming bathrooms

The bathroom is one of those places that if they change their style they must change completely and therefore we must invest more time and money in them. It is important to choose each piece and every detail well to enjoy the perfect bathroom for us, which in addition to being functional is nice and cozy.

That is why we are going to give you ideas on how to decorate your bathroom with charm. A charmingly decorated bathroom can have many details and therefore we are going to give you some interesting ideas that can help you.

Add a vintage tub

Charming bathtub

Not everyone can afford to have this precious detail in the bathroom because it takes up more than a shower tray and does not really have the same service. But if we really like taking baths and we have square meters, add a vintage style tub with nice legs and rounded shapes it can be a great solution. These bathtubs offer a unique charm to the bathrooms, especially if we want to give it that bohemian and vintage touch that is so popular.

The importance of tiles

Tiles in the bathroom

Tiles are sometimes the key to creating a bathroom that is different. Currently they carry all kinds. They come in many shapes and shades, with or without relief. But there are certainly some that stand out from others. We have on one hand the tiles with geometric shapes, which are trendy and have come to us with the Scandinavian style. On the other hand there are the hydraulic tiles that imitate those old tiles full of color and shapes. We can also add the subway tiles, those that have a vintage style and add a lot of white to the spaces.

Perfect bathroom cabinet

Nice sink

One of the most important pieces of furniture in the bathroom is the sink, since it creates a certain cohesion between the bathtub or the shower and the rest of the toilets. It is a detail that is usually quite important. Nowadays we have infinity of styles, with sinks that hold up without legs, minimalist sinks with all kinds of colors or the great classics with a wooden storage unit. An idea that we really like in this piece of furniture is to add one that has two sinks, because that way we will have much more capacity.

Add storage with good ideas

Storage can be a problem in the bathroom. If we have everything in the middle, finally our bathroom will lose all its charm even if it has beautiful tiles and sanitaryware. So we must invest also in storage solutions. We can put a wooden shelf in which we add some wicker baskets, which are a trend, to store things. It is also a great idea to put a cart like the ones that Ikea has in vintage style for everything that we have to have more at hand.

Plants in the bathroom

Bathrooms with plants

If you are a plant lover, surely you like to have them all over the house. Plants renew and purify the air and also create a great feeling of well-being, so they are recommended in any room of the house. In the bathroom we can add plants, but we must put only those that can withstand the humid environment that we have in it. Also, it should be a bathroom where natural light enters or else they will not survive.

Add color to the bathroom

A bathroom with a little color makes it a more cheerful and welcoming place. We can add a nice wallpaper on the walls, paint the washbasin cabinet if it is wooden, or add a colorful cabinet as a storage space. This color can also be added with some textiles such as towels and bathroom rugs.

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