Leave the floor looking like new during quarantine

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Decor : Leave the floor looking like new during quarantine

This may be the first quarantine of our lives and probably the time when we have the most amount of free time at our disposal. However, not being tempted to spend the day lying on the sofa is very difficult. However, we could spend that time doing some small home renovations for which we don’t usually have time and that will allow us to enjoy the house in all its splendor. And why not start by restoring shine and naturalness to the parquet? We explain everything in this post.

But do we know what types of parquet exist?

  • Multilayer parquet. In this type of parquet, the upper and external layer, which is the one that is left in sight, is usually made of oak or any other high-quality wood. However, in its intermediate layers there are glued and lower quality materials that reduce its cost. Also called floating parquet, it is the easiest to install.
  • Hardwood parquet. The most common in this case is oak, due to its neutral color. It is also the most common in homes. It is processed in the form of tables that can be placed almost freely; it is very durable and a phenomenal thermal insulator. For this reason, it is considered a fundamental element in any sustainable and energy efficient house.
  • Industrial park. This type of parquet is quite resistant and very aesthetically pleasing. It also has the advantage that it is not excessively expensive. It is made from integral wooden boards and is quite durable, although the installation requires the work of a professional and must be varnished periodically. It is the most used on dance floors and basketball sports courts.

How to remove stains from the parquet

The most normal thing is that, when polishing the parquet, you will not need chemicals to clean the stains that occur on it. For example, if the dirt has been generated by greases or inks, it is usually enough to apply talcum powder to the affected area and leave it to act for 24 hours before removing it with a dry cloth. Of course, the thing becomes much more complex if those spots have been caused by rust. In that case, it will be necessary to use a combination of hydrogen peroxide and ammonia to remove them without seriously damaging the wood. It is also possible that you will find some adhesive stain on the parquet. If so, the most useful thing will be to have the right products for each need, as in this case, something to remove glue stains. In this way, you will have the possibility to clean the parquet and leave no trace of the stain. Finally, if what falls on the wood is an egg, you will need to clean the area quickly with a little salt and a damp cloth.

Polishes the parquet floor so it always looks like new

Now that we know the different types of parquet that exist and how to remove the most common stains that are caused in it, it is time to explain how to polish it. You can also do this easily during quarantine if you have the appropriate items on hand. Without a doubt, mixing vinegar and lemon is the most economical, traditional and effective option. You just have to pour both ingredients in a bucket with hot water and apply it on the surface to be treated. Also, we are talking about two great disinfectants. For this solution to be more effective, simply add a little white vinegar or ammonia to the preparation. At the time of use, do it with a sprayer and a soft mop. Only in this way, you will prevent the parquet from deteriorating over time

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