Letters to decorate – Creative ideas for your home

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Letters to decorate - Creative ideas for your home

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The letters to decorate They have become one of the most acclaimed details. Because in terms of decoration we always like those details that make a difference, and the lyrics do. They are perfect for the rooms, both of the elderly of the house and those that are not so much.

But it is true that you can give it many other uses. In addition, their finishes in terms of materials or their colors also run on your part. Numerous ideas and options so that everyone can choose the decorative details What else goes in your home. Today we show you examples of letters and also how to decorate with them. You dare?

Where to buy the letters to decorate

In this case we have two options. Since on the one hand we can buy them in decoration stores, as well as hardware stores and of course, via online. But it is true that in some cases we will find wooden letters and even cardboard. What makes us come to the second option, which is none other than doing them ourselves. But it is true that everyone can choose based on their tastes as well as their time.

Letters to decorate

How to decorate the letters

If we have bought them and they are made of wood or cardboard, it is always necessary to give them a finish to be more striking. So here the imagination enters again and also, the room where the letter will be placed.

  • With pom poms: You can decorate the letter with pom poms, yes, and create a most striking touch. Small colored balls that will stick to the surface of the letter. Don't you think it's original?
  • Newspaper sheets: The lyrics can also be lined with newspapers or with magazines or comics. To do this, try that the sheets are not too thin, fold them so that the glue does not pass and ready.
  • With dried leaves: It may be a bit different, but we love it. Dried leaves, branches and flowers can also make a good combination to stick to the letters. Of course, try to be well placed and not stand out too much.

  • With colored wool: The cardboard letters are great for this new idea. Since we can take a ball of wool and roll it over it. What's more, you can combine two shades of the same color and you will create a more than beautiful gradient effect. Finish your creation with some flower-shaped detail and you will see how good it is.
  • Corks: Those wine bottle caps are perfect to stick on the letters to decorate. You can cut them or place them whole and lying down. That is to everyone's taste!

Ideas to place the letters for your home

Now that we have bought them or made and decorated ourselves, we move on to the place where we are going to leave them. It is also a very simple task since without a doubt, the bedrooms They are one of those places where we can see them. More than anything because it is usual to make names or place their initials on furniture. In this case it is not surprising that the occasional letter with lights brings the most striking touch to the room.

decoration with letters

From the shelves to the headboard, in both cases they will be more than perfect. If you have a study area, both you and your children, then it is also another of the great ideas. On the table or desk shelves They will give you a more personal character, hence it is always advised to have a letter of this type very close. If you like photos or pictures, don't forget the letters in frames, but for a more casual style, nothing like large letters resting on the floor. What idea convinces you the most?

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