Living Room – Salon Decoration Trends for Fall 2020

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Decor : Living Room – Salon Decoration Trends for Fall 2020

living room carpet

The living room is one of the most important rooms in the house. With the change of season, the desire to renew the decoration of our home is activated. That is why this time we will indicate simple ideas for you to renew and transform your living room in autumn with the 2020 trends. Whatever your preference, you are sure to find inspiration with pictures and simple tips.

cozy living room

You can stroll from modern or traditional decorations. As well as simple or abstract ideas. So look at the details so you can take your living room to another level. The woven baskets somehow reinforce the autumnal atmosphere. A vase with beautiful colorful flowers is also a great way to complement your living room decor this season.

pastel blue living room

Living room decoration trends fall 2020

With bold and timeless color tones, cute textures. Furniture and accessories that echo nature and organic forms. The trends in living room decoration 2020 ensures to bring warmth and tranquility to any home.

living room subdued colors

Although we always keep in mind that desire to renew the decoration of our home, in this case our living room, it is also true that sometimes we feel a bit of stress when we want to adopt a trend. But, how can we not feel stress when we decide to renovate a room in our home?

timeless living room

Most of the time we see so many trends that we wish we had a little of each. But some experts in the world of interior design and decoration suggest that we should not be afraid to incorporate more than one trend in our decoration.

orange blue living room

Rob Ellis, Senior Designer at DFS says, “You can take one or two aspects, such as color, texture or pattern, and use them in subtle ways to create a look that is still personal and alive for you.” When we are with the design and decoration of our home it is normal to go through different emotional stages. From taking into account everything that needs to be done to whether we choose the right color. But the truth is that you must prepare.

dramatic color living room

It is extremely important to plan ahead. And give yourself a time of a couple of weeks for your ideas and wishes to crystallize it. But thanks to the 2020 interior decoration trends, it is simple and natural shapes. These trends in the living room offer an elegant retro look but at the same time very cozy. And most important of all, they are very easy trends to adopt. So you just have to get inspired and plan your new living room.

living room decoration

Don’t forget the texture

Texture is important in any decoration and of course, in the living room it is no exception. Sometimes some living rooms can feel linear and uninviting. This is where texture comes in to transform space, and 2020 sees a strong looping focus.

living room beautiful carpet

It is set as a basic texture for a warm and cozy home. The looped yarns, usually in various subtle shades, create a high quality of texture, which gives a certainly cozy but also sophisticated feel.

geometric shape living room

Take natural light into account

We hardly ever stop to observe the natural light that enters our home. How it illuminates and the shadows they reflect. But although this may not seem so relevant, it is recommended that we do so. Try to spend some time observing how the light falls at different points in your living room and how it moves around the room. This simple action will not only affect how you see the colors. But it will also help you decide how to divide the space for different activities. Activities like reading, watching TV, socializing, and relaxing.

small living room

Try and choose your color code

What is always recommended when we are planning a living room decoration is to limit the color palette to no more than three. It is good to have a main tone, which can be reflected in the upholstery. A contrasting shade and a highlight.

living room decoration autumn

It is worth mentioning that muted pink, sky blue and neo-mint green are colors that are presented as trendy accents in 2020. Many experts advise us that if we find ourselves stuck with this aspect, we choose to look for art. Or ornaments, elements, fabrics, which have a combination of colors that pleases the eye.

living room decoration trend

Once you have your colors or ideas of the tones that you will use and how you could do small tests with pots or any other element with those colors. If perhaps you are thinking of acquiring furniture such as sofas or armchairs, then you could place blankets in the colors you want and so you can more or less see how they would look.

living room trend

Keep accents focused

As we already mentioned, the trends for 2020 are simple and natural, evoking nature. So dark ebony, walnut trim, mixed with steel gray furniture accents will add a defined touch to your living room. But you should also keep in mind that you want to keep and what to remove to have a much clearer space.

living room with art

Always bear in mind that a cluttered or cluttered space does not provide calm. An excellent recommendation that you can take into account is that you remove absolutely everything from your living room. Everything you can have such as cushions, blankets, rugs, decorative accessories.

living room wall decoration

Once you are out of the room then go carefully selecting and classifying the elements and accessories that can contribute to the renovation of your living room. Of course you will have to be objective and not choose everything you had again. Things that you don’t really need in your living room can be stored for the future. Or just donate them to a charity.

textured living room

Create a sociable space

Remember that the living room is one of the most important rooms in the house. This is where most people have a bad time. It is also where we rest as soon as we get home, we relax with a delicious coffee. It is the place where we can spend hours talking with our family and friends.

living room golden details

It’s where we watch our favorite shows on TV and we even work with our laptop. So if you have a generous space you could consider incorporating two sofas to make the living room feel more sociable and friendly. Imagine your large living room with those beautiful sofas with textured fabrics like suede, velvet or leather.

living room design

Of course, if you have the opportunity to incorporate sofas with different styles and sizes, you must take depth into account. Also the width and height so that they fit better in the room. Something equally important to take into account if you have a large living room is zoning.

living room two sofas

If you are placing two beautiful sofas to have an entertaining and gathering area, it is much better to place them close together and not so far apart. If your living room is a bit smaller or with very limited space then try to measure and find a much more compact sofa design.

elegant living room

Fortunately there are many manufacturers who also adapt their designs to small spaces. You could also add a stool or chair next to the sofa. Which can fulfill the function of an additional seat or as a side or coffee table.

living room natural elements

Consider the zoning of your living room

The zoning of space is an important aspect in modern design. If the living room is very large then it is best to divide it into several functional areas. That is, you could have a comfortable space for passive rest watching your programs on TV.

patterned living room

Another area for meetings with your closest friends, a small dining room and even a small office. Of course, this is something that depends on the interests you have and your lifestyle. Sometimes a decoration can look spectacular with a living room design with different functional spaces within it.

living room large sofa

Spaces that interact with each other perhaps with different shades of color or textures. There are a number of ways you can zone your space. A modern solution is the use of small folding decorative screens. Another very easy and incredibly popular option for zoning a room is rugs or textiles.

living room ideas

These will also help you separate the functional areas in your living room. Even wall decoration with similar tones but with different textures is also a good idea. There are experts who also take into account various lamps on the ceiling and on the walls, the LED lights.

minimalist living room

As well as decorative elements which can help to emphasize the effect. Certainly today, this having multipurpose and tremendously functional areas is something that is and will continue to be present. You can divide your living room with furniture to have a living space and of course properly functional. Designing or renovating your living room is based on making the most of the space you have, large or small.

living room wicker furniture

Add compact side tables to your living room

Compact side tables are ideal for freeing up space in a living room. But at the same time they give you the surface space and functionality you need. Currently trends in side tables include gold, silver and bronze in their designs.

sophisticated living room

Geometric shapes and some very interesting ones are also appreciated. For example, a side table with a glass top and a metal base goes a long way in expanding space in small living rooms. Just as the occasional tables and sofa consoles allow you to remove shelves and sideboards and make way for something more modern and much more practical.

living room original furniture

Do not leave out indoor plants

Without a doubt, plants bring a great deal of life, energy and fresh air to any room. That is why they become an obvious trend in living room decorations that you should try this 2020. Although it is something simple, plants are the easiest way to update and renew the style of your home without spending a large budget on furniture or accessories.

original living room

It is always good and healthy to be in contact with nature. Besides that the plants will also help to purify the air in the room and illuminate it. In conclusion, the plants will complete and complement your decoration in your living room. In the same way, they will help you reduce your stress level and will induce you to better care, increasing your productivity, creativity and improving your mood.

living room indoor plants

Consider including an inspiring wallpaper

A beautiful wallpaper gives a layered look to the living room. They have the magic of turning a simple space into a bold area with bold colors and textures. Wallpaper can also be used to serve as an impressive focal point.

living room wallpaper

In both a large and small living room, wallpaper adds character and depth. A vase full of colorful leaves or flowers will indicate the beautiful fall season very quickly, but you can further mark the impression with a couple of pinecones and small pumpkins arranged on the table.

living room blue walls

A seasonal renovation, without a doubt, gives a new life to our home. Creating cozy spaces for enjoyment and relaxation makes us feel good. The living room is the heart of the home, where the children play, we talk.

living room green walls

We enjoy quality time with family and friends and most importantly, we make memories. While it’s some work, it’s worth accessorizing, experimenting with colors, trying different textures. There are tons of living room decorating ideas to explore and go from summer to comforting fall.

simple living room

living room red sofas

traditional living room

living room with fireplace

living room with golden elements

gray living room

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