Los Cubos Building a space for new ways of working

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Decor : Los Cubos Building a space for new ways of working

Madrid hides buildings that have marked part of its history. One of these examples can be found in the iconic Los Cubos building, which is once again topical after a comprehensive reform to which it has been subjected. This building has 20,000 square meters spread over its nine floors, offering open and flexible spaces. All this with the idea of ​​achieving well-being and maximum comfort.

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For those who do not know it, the building is designed by means of six superimposed cubes that were an architectural revolution in the 70s. With the current reform, the designed workspaces mark a before and after.

Avant-garde spaces and furniture

Actiu, leader in the design and manufacture of workspaces and hospitality, has participated in the new stage of Los Cubos by equipping the pilot office on the 9th floor, where comfortable and efficient work spaces have been created, allowing future users to experiment first hand the benefits of the renovated building.

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Equipped with the technology and furniture required by current workspaces, the pilot office combines open areas for sharing ideas, with quieter areas for meetings of smaller groups, or individual work, all equipped with light furniture, which facilitates different distribution options to suit different uses.

Diaphanous and very bright, the large open space that presides over the space perfectly embodies a new work philosophy, where the traditional office gives way to very different environments in the same environment. It is home to operating stations that combine the visual lightness of the tables with the great versatility of the operating chairs, sound-absorbing modules for private meetings, and small living rooms equipped with chairs and armchairs around a side table, for informal meetings.

Separated from the large open-plan area by a floor-to-ceiling glass enclosure, the meeting room offers an elegant and sober combination created with a white table, comfortable gray upholstered chairs and a support sideboard. The light tones chosen for the upholstery, with some fabrics from even recycled plastic bottles, help to recreate a relaxing atmosphere, which is committed to the well-being and comfort of its occupants, in which plants and personalized decoration elements are interspersed. The result is a flexible workspace adapted to new needs and trends that call for hybrid spaces to work, meet and organize events.

A unique rehabilitation

building the cubes

A symbol of brutalist architecture and created in 1974 by the architects Michel Andrault, Pierre Parat, Aydin Guvan and Alain Capieu, Los Cubos has reinvented itself to become one of the most representative office projects in the city, offering open and flexible spaces, that are committed to the well-being and maximum comfort of its occupants.

Chapman Taylor’s team has been commissioned to design and implement the comprehensive renovation of the building owned by Henderson Park, managed by Therus and marketed by CBRE and Cushman & Wakefield.
Surrounded by generous windows that flood the interior with abundant natural light, the pilot office recreates any one floor of a building with a maximum occupancy of one workstation for every 7 m2, where open spaces coexist with meeting rooms, meeting corners informal and socialization areas. Flexible and open-plan, its design perfectly reflects the high environmental rating of a building recognized with the Leed® Gold certificate and with more than 4,000 m2 of terraces.

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