LR house detached house with pool

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Decor : LR house detached house with pool

This house combines a contemporary and traditional style combining traditional construction systems and construction quality with a reinterpretation of the design of spaces and fragmented morphology of inverted sloping roofs that enrich the volumetry. A project carried out by the architecture studio Pulso Arquitectos.

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Clean and clear finishes in their simplicity that are developed in more complex volumes to generate a central space in the most private and secluded garden, connected with the living-dining room space to enhance indoor-outdoor relationships. The private areas of the house are articulated from a discreet distributor and camouflaged with the interior carpentry that clearly differentiates the day or public area from the more private area at night. The heights and shape of the volumes with an inverted sloping roof provide pleasant and warm spaces that are reminiscent of traditional constructions, but connected to today.

Project description

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The project is based on the conjugation of several volumes that generate a private patio, where a covered porch and a pool articulate an open-air living space, where you can enjoy with the family with controlled levels of privacy with respect to public roads. In addition, the large oak existing on the plot, which is respected and valued in the project, is the main protagonist of the proposal.

The distribution of the rooms, dividing the groups of space by levels of privacy and day and night uses, provide structural and spatial richness to the whole. The bedrooms, bathrooms and the most private distributor are articulated in the warehouse located to the north of the plot and the more public spaces are developed further south to make the most of its orientation.

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The facades to the public roads are developed with the aim of respecting the environment, being sober and subtle and providing natural lighting to all spaces. The finishes seek a pleasant aesthetic, fusing the traditional architecture of the area with more contemporary concepts. Metallic carpentry, clay and ceramic flooring, large windows and wood inside are reinterpreted to bring warmth and modernity to the home.

Energy efficiency, thermal comfort and constructive rationality in the distribution achieve a balanced and contemporary home that adapts to today. The bedrooms have the versatility necessary to adapt to different users and situations, both the children’s room and the guest room that can become open spaces for work, indoor sports or any other use. The kitchen is arranged next to the living-dining room space but retains its independence, although its position on the ground floor easily generates synergies between these three spaces as it can be kept open or closed with a large gate as required.

The exterior and interior carpentry seek to bring its own character to the home, avoiding standardization and prefabrication in a balanced and reasonable measure to differentiate the home itself. The spaces with sloping roof inside are pleasant, comfortable and warm, in which it is worth highlighting the concrete loading bays for the holes in the facades that highlight and enhance the views and the entry of light.

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