Microcement in bathrooms, a trend

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Microcement in bathrooms, a trend

Have you heard about the microcemento? It is currently a very popular cladding among interior design professionals to give a distinguished and avant-garde touch to the spaces. The microcement in bathrooms is a trend. You want to know why? We tell you

What is the microcemento?

The microcement is a Smooth coating, cement and polymeric of low thickness. In other words, a material composed of a high-performance cementitious base, which is later added with polymers, ultra-fine aggregates, additives and natural pigments that can be used to coat all types of surfaces.

Thanks to the manufacturing process the microcement acquires a extraordinary adhesion, becoming an applicable material in floors, walls and ceilings, both indoors and outdoors. And without the need for joints, which facilitates cleaning and maintenance.

Microcement baths

Microcement characteristics

With only 2mm of thickness and thanks to the great adhesion that it presents on multiple surfaces and to which it is not necessary to remove the original coating to apply it, it is an increasingly popular material to renew easily and quickly any space. But these are not the only ones positive characteristics that give certain advantages over other coatings. Further…

  • It allows to create a seamless surface without joints, which gives a feeling of spaciousness to the spaces.
  • It can be applied on floors, walls and ceilings, both indoors and outdoors.
  • Present a great grip on virtually all surfaces: cement, concrete, metal, plastic, asphalt, terrazzo and even smooth ceramics.
  • It does not require the removal of existing material to apply it, so it does not generate debris.
  • It is available in a wide range of colors easily combinable even in the same space.
  • With a Approximate thickness of 2mm. its application does not affect the structural load of the building.
  • Is a waterproof material if it is sealed correctly.
  • It can be non-slip, if the appropriate texture and / or sealant is applied.
  • Present a great resistance to use, bumps, scratches and chemicals.
  • Is easy to clean and keep. It is cleaned with water and neutral soap and if applied to the ground, it is recommended to renew the protection layer of the material with a certain periodicity applying self-polished waxes diluted in water. Provides spaces free of germs and bacteria.
  • It works in a simple way and does not require specific tools.

Microcement floors

Microcement in bathrooms

The microcemento has been chosen as one of the most sophisticated materials among the interior design professionals. Thanks to its versatility, texture, finish and ability to easily combine with other materials, the popularity of this material is increasing.

The bathroom is one of the most common spaces to apply microcement. Why? In addition to the technical characteristics that this material confers to the space, it allows achieving results aesthetically creative and avant-garde like the ones we show you.

Microcement in bathrooms

Use coating microcement on the ground It is the most popular alternative. In light white or gray tones, the microcement floors fit in all types of bathrooms, from those of classical architecture to those with a more rustic or vintage aesthetic.

Use it in addition to floors, walls or the sink adds a more avant-garde touch to the space. Gray colors and earth are the favorites in this type of work, in which the use of furniture and wooden accessories in order to provide a greater warmth.

Baths in microcemento of daring colors

And if we look for something more daring? The microcement of dark gray color is today the king to achieve avant-garde spaces of industrial inspiration. Much smaller is the microcement in bathrooms pink, blue or green, although there is always someone who dares with them as can be seen in the image above.

The microcement in bathrooms is an increasingly popular alternative and it does not surprise us. its aesthetics and its characteristics techniques make it a very attractive coating. A reversal that adapts not only to different surfaces, but also to different decorative styles. Do you like the microcemento to dress the bathroom?

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