Mirror decoration to create stylish interiors

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Decor : Mirror decoration to create stylish interiors

In interior design, mirror decoration is an art. Most homes should have one or more mirrors, as due to their various designs and functions they have an aesthetic purpose. Of course, some people only look at mirrors because of the need to see themselves as soon as they dress or do their hair. But in reality, mirrors can fade into the background or make a statement, depending on where you put them. There are so many ways that you can use mirrors as part of your décor.

mirrored decoration to create sophisticated spaces

Even, since time immemorial, mirrors have been cultural elements, but the latest trends in decoration show that decorate walls with mirrors it is a practical necessity. In this way we can make the most of all the characteristics of a home, through the strategic placement of mirrors in one place or another. Of course, it will also depend on the size, style, color, shape, natural light of the room. And also the function that the mirror really has to play in said space. Sometimes they are used only to enlarge the space and other times to multiply the sensation of light.

decoration with mirrors outdoors

However, others are only visible mirrors, which are only placed to give style and harmony to the home. If you need just a little inspiration to decide to decorate with mirrors, read on and walk around with the images to start decorating walls. The mirrored decoration is is becoming increasingly popular in interior decorating, either because of its multiple design options or because of the number of features it can have. A wall full of mirrors it may be one of your best options.

window decoration with mirrors

Why consider mirror decoration

Decorating with mirrors is easy, but you can only take full advantage of their effects if you know a few simple tricks to place them correctly. Mirrors are certainly a highly versatile design feature, instantly adding glamor and interest, while maximizing light and increasing the sense of space. Take advantage of the visual tricks that mirror decoration offers. These elements undoubtedly create a feeling of space, absorb the image and light of a space and make it bounce.

mirrored decoration in entrance hall

This mirrored decoration provides a double sensation both in brightness and depth. You could say that strategically placing a mirror somewhere in the dining room would be like adding windows. This can be achieved by placing the mirror facing one of the windows with more light and thus you will also have a very wide view of the outside. So a part of the exterior will remain inside our home, as well as all the possible light.

decoration with mirrors in small living room

Surprisingly, this will help turn a simple dining room into a beautiful gazebo that will give you a pleasant feeling of well-being and spaciousness. Mentioning this, it is important to remember that one of the keys to balancing the energy of a home is in its decoration. Specifically in the strategy of elements that distribute space and light. Therefore, making a decoration with mirrors, we will contribute to the harmony of the home and also with that of our interior.

decoration with mirrors in small dining room

Large scale wall mirror

Surely you have heard that less is more. Well, although this statement is completely correct, if we want a decoration with mirrors on the walls in a minimalist way, there are times when excess can also provide more benefits. Surely in your living room you will have a table, some windows, furniture, lamps and some other door. Now imagine that one of the walls, preferably the one that is taller, wider and focused towards a window or point of light, is full of mirrors.

decoration with mirrors original ideas

The feeling of space will multiply, in additiontos of the elegance and distinction that all those mirrors will provide covering an entire wall. Similarly, if your dining room was small, the mirror mural will double that space, extending the floor and ceiling. Of course, each home is different, therefore each room will have a different result when applying this great decorative trick. You can also test the asymmetry, using a framed mirror though these types of mirrors are not ideal to be able to see your face well while you are putting on makeup. You would have to look at every little square around to get a sharper picture of your face. So this type of decoration with mirrors is basically decorative, providing dynamism to space.

mirror decoration statement wall

Don’t be afraid to go for a large mirror, especially a mirror design that matches your living room and is also fashionable. If you have a small room to which you want to add depth, a full-length mirror is undoubtedly your best option. Try placing a large mirror against the wall, without hangers or feet, just place a large mirror with an elegant frame leaning against the main wall of the room. This will create spaciousness, something that you can also use in narrow corridors of the house, which apparently do not add anything and are difficult to decorate. Placing a large mirror in a hallway can totally change that perception and all the attention will be on there.

decoration with mirrors wall living room

Style can certainly make a difference

If you like illustrations with rustic frames and you have some walls decorated with them, then dare to introduce several mirrors to complement that wall. It will only be enough to use similar frames for the mirrors and attach them to one or the other of the illustrations. Of course, the appearance of a space will largely depend on the style in which it is decorated. You can place a completely bare, polished, frameless mirror in the center of a large room.

decoration with classic mirrors

This way you will be transmitting elegance, sobriety and distinction. But if you want to create an intimate and thoughtful space, then you can place a small mirror with a vintage-style gold frame that enhances the feeling of intimacy, typical of a room. The placement of a mirror is obviously mtoThere is a technical aspect in wall decoration, but it is no less important for that. Sometimes a mirror with a beautiful design and very expensive, it can be a failure if not positioned properly.

decoration with mirrors different shapes

Height and reflection will always be the key. Unlike artistic paintings or pictures, which should always be at eye level, mirrors do not they always comply with this rule. There are mirrors that obviously have to be at a height that allows us to observe our reflection. But most of the time, they should be at a height that allows us to capture as much light as possible, while also providing the feeling of space by possibly reflecting outside areas.

mirrored decor vivid design

Decoration with round mirrors

Round shaped wall mirrors, it is a valid option for any period and style of decoration. Rounded shapes have proven to be a truly versatile option, bringing harmony and elegance wherever you place them. Even round shapes always give us more options to unleash creativity, and thus, make different compositions on a wall. You can place five or six round mirrors, each a different size but sharing the same frame, and you have a beautiful and striking glass mural. Despite being considered a slightly outdated design. The round mirrors of great design will bring a touch of elegance and distinction to the space, making it a good choice regardless of the decoration style.

mirrored decor look elegant

Mirrors with geometric shapes

In general, when we consider the choice of a mirror, we think about a frame of rectangular mirror, round or with curled edges, but of course there are many more options. The key is to be able to combine all the elements well, at the same time that we bet on something much more innovative suitable for more modern decorations. So, mirrors with geometric motifs are undoubtedly a choice that many will love. But the truth is that a great mirror with gold geometric frame and metallic reflections will look beautiful.

decoration with asymmetrical mirrors

Of course, sometimes a mirror doesn’t have to reflect anything, it doesn’t even have to attract attention. Sometimes a set of small custom-made mirrors, whose main function is to hang at a key point in the house, can also be your option mtos spot on. Position the mirrors as if all you want is a purely decorative element. This adds a touch of elegance, but without having to obscure the rest of the elements. On this occasion, the hanging mirrors would work very well as decoration for the entrance. It would be a way of confirming that the expression of less is more, also valid for decorating with mirrors.

original wall mirrored decoration

Consider glass panels

Bedrooms are a very useful space, as well as a living room, and can be used for bookcases, displaying artwork, or instead used for lighting and reflection. Adding custom antique mirror wall panels on both sides of a fireplace in a large living room as it can create a very subtle reflective surface within the space. Using the mirrored panels is a lovely way to distract your eyes beyond the main elements and can emphasize all the little things. A mirror finish on storage pieces, such as a built-in closet, minimizes the impact on the appearance of a scheme. In other words, this helps create the illusion of spaciousness and is a great way to circumvent the narrow space effect.

mirrored dining room decor

A mirrored wall as a focal point

While a large mirror can dominate a room, however, in a small room, a large mirror will do the opposite. Forever…

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