Mirrors – Give space to your home with a complement like this

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Decor : Mirrors – Give space to your home with a complement like this


To expand the spaces in our home, it is no longer necessary to remove any partition. But there is a simpler and more practical way, which manages to create a very special visual effect: Mirrors. Yes, they have become one of the great accessories in decoration.

But it is that in addition to thinking that they can only be a simple complement, they help us much more than we think. You want enlarge the bedroom or living rooms of your home? Then you have the first step taken thanks to the mirror. Now, you just have to apply it to your decoration!

Place a mirror in front of the window

It is not about placing a mirror near her, but rather you have to look at that natural light coming through the window. The effect will be spectacular and surely you can imagine it just by thinking about it. Because it will trap all that light and also allow us to reflect what is happening outside. Therefore, if you have good views, take advantage of so that that is also reflected thanks to your mirror. In this case, it will be perfect to opt for large mirrors that we usually place on the floor as a decorative detail. Therefore, both in rooms and in living rooms we can have the same result.

Bathroom mirrors

Do we decorate a wall with mirrors?

As we paint a main wall in a different color than the rest, why can’t we decorate with mirrors? As always, we are going to select one that has a good light, so that it is still magnified with such an effect. Starting from this, you can choose to make a very original decoration. You do not have to incorporate large mirrors and neither to the entire entire wall. But yes, place mirrors in frames for example, and order them as you like best. Of course, as long as they are in harmony with the decoration you have.

Lamp and mirror, a great combination!

Without a doubt, for the bedrooms we also have a more than perfect solution. Because if you want more space and extra light, nothing like place the mirror behind a floor or table lamp. Why? Well, because its scope and its reflection will surprise you. That is why the scope will be impressive and you will love it. Of course, in this case, you can also opt for a combination of mirrors on the wall or a larger one that you can place standing behind the bedside tables. That will depend on the type of furniture or how you have the room organized.

Ideas to decorate with mirrors

Welcome home with a mirror

The entrance to the home is another of those points that we cannot forget when it comes to decoration. That is why we must also take it into account and think carefully about what details we will show because they can leave the anteroom of what we will find at home. To have a better perspective of everything around you. As we have been observing, it is about give it that amplitude at the same time as more light to each zone it touches. So thanks to the reflections we will always see how everything seems bigger than it really is.

Mirror door

It is another of those options that we can also take into account. Because if we sometimes think how can we decorate with mirrors, this is one of the most successful. Because it will be integrated into our decoration like never before. In addition, just by visualizing it in our mind, we will realize that the visibility of the rest of the house will make its way thanks to said mirror. In addition to the light that always brings us closer. Because as we see, all are great advantages that we must take into account. In addition to both rustic and minimalist decorative styles or many others, they will combine perfectly as an element like this. And you, do you like to decorate with mirrors?

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