Modern California-style decor – How to give your home a relaxed atmosphere

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Modern California-style decor - How to give your home a relaxed atmosphere

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Modern California-style decor evokes a light and very relaxing environment. This style undoubtedly has something special and charming, which makes any home a cozy space. This time we will show you some tips to give your home that relaxed touch. Actually it is very simple, in this style aesthetics is minimal but equally warm. If you currently have a neutral decoration, it will be perfect to easily incorporate this beautiful modern California-style decoration.

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California-style modern decor

This style inspired by Californian homes, the ideology of this type of decoration is to try to fill the home with all the magnitude of the natural. That is, take into account and incorporate wooden tables and jute carpets, among other elements.

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All the elements or furniture that honor nature are basic to this modern decoration. Some of these are woven rattan, sisal rugs, seaweed baskets and wood. Similarly, elements, color palettes or patterns that keep nature present could be used instead. Plants are important since nothing more natural than them.

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White color prevails

To ideally obtain this modern California-style decoration, warm, relaxed and airy, it is preferable to work with a white base. This clean and airy style works best with a whitish or completely white base. So choose a pale paint color to start.

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In this style of modern California-style decoration, neutral colors are basic and white is the favorite. In this style you can perfectly add simple curtains. It is not necessary to place furniture or elements so worked. A nice rug, bedding, chairs or sofas with a non-slip cover will give a cozy, fresh and at the same time modern and relaxed look.

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Unique furniture or pieces of leather with light tone

You could take light brown leather furniture into account. This would greatly help to give the white a bit of heat. Providing in turn a sense of tranquility due to contrasts and combination.

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Elements with transparent touches

Glass helps a lot with giving a cleaner and quieter look. This modern California-style decoration is about evoking the natural and also giving the home life with lots of light. These decorative glass or transparent elements project light and warmth in the decoration. You can think of any article or decorative elements such as vases, lanterns, glass lamps, among others.

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Consider incorporating metal

Something that is usually present in modern California-style décor is metal. In any of its forms, whether polished, aged or brushed, metal has long been a favorite trend in home decoration, especially in the kitchen.

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Take into account adding the material, which is very warm and adapts to any decoration. Metal works great for cabinet handles, shelf brackets, as lighting fixtures, among many more.

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Don't put aside nature

In this style of California decoration, you should not miss the plants. You can opt for leafy plants or vases with beautiful fresh flowers. If you decide to acquire and place large plants such as palm trees or fig trees. It is recommended that you place them in pots on the floor, but in an area that will not interrupt traffic through the room.

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Now, plants that are smaller, as well as succulents, preferably, and look much better, placed on shelves or on tables. You can even place it inside your bedroom to grant that relaxing green.

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Embrace the intense blue

Add contrasts to the modern decor of your California-style home. By mentioning "California" we automatically link it to the coast and the atmosphere of peace and tranquility that the blue of the sea provides. Indigo is a plant-based dye, which gives the fabric a strong shade of blue.

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If you need to add color, consider incorporating cushions, carpets or prints with this beautiful and striking indigo color. The combination of the white of your walls or furniture with this intense blue is visibly unique.

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Experiment with the tongue and groove

The machimbrado or the horizontal wood cladding work perfectly in this California style of decoration. It also gives a relaxed, coastal and clean look to any room, making it simply charming.

machimbrado modern decoration

Consult an expert to indicate the best way to obtain this type of coating. And if you are still in full design or construction of your home, then you could take advantage of including this material in the room of your choice or in the whole house constructions.

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Add organic texture

In any decoration, whatever the style, the texture is important. And in one way or another it is always present. Add texture to your home in a delicate and subtle way with the help of accessories or woven elements with organic origin.

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Some of these elements or items that you could take into account for your modern California-style decor are rattan accessories or furniture. Like jute carpets, bamboo blinds, among many others.

Consider the handmade pieces

Do not put aside items or handmade pieces. In interior decoration, these handmade pieces have value. You can take advantage of the trips you take with your family to see and acquire any object that catches your attention and you want to display it in your home.

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Spotlight with soft flames

A fireplace, and even more so when it is real, is always very well seen in any decoration. For modern California-style décor, fireplaces help give the room the feeling of peace that this style of decoration evokes.

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The fireplaces are subtle and do not completely dominate the general decoration of the room. Nowadays, wood stoves are very fashionable again. These are equally excellent for any decoration. Durable, ecological and with different models are beautiful to add distinction to your home.

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