Modern decoration – Ideas for the interior of your home

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Decor : Modern decoration – Ideas for the interior of your home

modern decor ideas

A modern and original decoration does not have a rule in itself. Many times it depends on the tastes, preferences and style of each person. There are different styles of decoration and each of them can be given a touch of modern and original. That is why logically people look for inspiration walking in the different styles with modern decoration. That is why we want to give you some tips as well as images so that you can take what best suits your personality.

modern living room decor

Modern decoration for the interior of your home

Zen-like modern decor is really on trend. To create an environment with this so relaxing style you can use soft colors such as white, beige. And you could even use a blue without exaggeration through a comfortable sofa for example. The light blue color in this case could make you feel relaxed thinking about calm waters.

modern zen decor

Remember that this style also uses natural materials such as wood or rattan. So it is recommended that you add some accessories with these materials and the space will be much more welcoming. For a more natural touch you could even add plants, these are never too many. Without a doubt this is a somewhat simple but very satisfying style which you can always customize.

modern zen style decor

Add modernity through various forms

In general, in a modern decoration there are different forms in it. Today’s modern décor doesn’t usually focus on smooth edges. In some decorations you can see hexagonal shapes or patterns up to circles.

modern decorcation geometric shapes

The hexagonal shapes are the most striking which you can add through mirrors and you could even place a small library with that pattern. In the same way you can add these patterns with colors. An excellent option is the golden color. This will add an elegant touch to the space.

modern decorption hexagonal shape

Add modern art

Most modern decorations have art displays. A modern piece of art can help accentuate a wall. There are people who love to comment on their knowledge of art. But even if you don’t have great knowledge you can add art and originality to the space you are decorating.

modern decor original wall art

There are those who say that modern art can be anything you want. In fact, modern interior design and decoration is equally modern art. You just have to choose a work of art that inspires you. This will undoubtedly help you create a modern decoration in the space you want.

modern decorcation modern art

It can be very tempting to fill your walls with all your favorite works of art. But in modern interior designs, it is usually better to commit to one piece and let it show itself. Preferably choose a piece for each room and place it at average eye level.

modern decor art wall accent

Wide plank walls are trending

Modern décor generally has protruding walls. Plank paneled walls are a great option for a focal point in the space. Of course, the most recommended thing is that you do not occupy all the walls of the room.

modern wood wall decor

All you need to do is accentuate just one so that this charming wall can stand out in your modern décor. This wall with wood also works as a beautiful mural. So that you can take advantage of your characteristic wall even more, it is to place a piece of furniture there. This way no one can take their eyes off that specific place. You can place a comfortable sofa or simply a furniture for the television.

modern decor tables wall

Plants for your decoration

Nowadays everything that has to do with plants and natural elements are very taken into account. Even food to clothing is plant-based. That is why rooms decorated with these principles are a trend. Obviously, natural plants are usually present in most decorations, either in each room or in one.

modern decor natural furniture

In the same way, bamboo, rattan or wood furniture is part of this trend. Although you can also add a tropical and cozy touch with wallpapers with tropical motifs. In fact, a wall with a beautiful wallpaper with large, striking green leaves can create a focal point in the room. In the same way, you can choose a paper with a country-modern or tropical style.

modern decor wallpaper plants

Stone will make your room stand out

Without a doubt, the stone with a very natural aspect to the decorated space. It is a material that never goes out of style in interior decorations. Textured stone walls, as well as tables and even fireplace mantels, can work wonders, adding elegance to the room. A stone wall always creates a focal point and makes the room feel cozy.

modern stone wall decor

Marble is not just for floors

We can usually appreciate marble or granite on the floors and also on the countertops. But this should not be a rule. Certainly marble is a perfect accent in a modern decor. Fortunately, today you can find furniture with marble countertops or legs.

modern marble table decoration

As well as those made with solid marble. This furniture can be a coffee table, for example. Your room may be simple, but by adding this little piece of furniture, the look of the room can automatically change making it a little more elegant.

modern decoration marble furniture

Highlight lighting fixtures

Something that can significantly help highlight the modern decor in a room are lighting fixtures. Of course the lighting in a room is of the utmost importance, but for a modern décor the way the lighting is displayed is also important.

modern decor lights

In general, in a modern decoration, a lot of attention is paid to depth and contrast. A room with unique light fixtures attracts everyone’s attention. You can have a simple decoration but by adding design lamps you will automatically change the look of the room.

modern decoration elegant lamp

The neon lights are coming back

During the 1940s, neon lights were a staple in most modern designs. For a long time, neon lights were present on almost every wall in bars and homes in many countries. Although this trend faded for a few years, it seems to be making a comeback with a lot of force. The lights placed in the modern decoration give a striking atmosphere.

modern decor neon lights

Transform your shabby chic style

If you like the shabby chic decorating style but would still like to incorporate it into a modern décor, try incorporating a beautiful rug. In the same way, if you have the opportunity, you can even add furniture with sunken buttons, these will undoubtedly give a touch of elegance to modern decoration.

modern shabby chic decor

Mix and match furniture

You’ve probably heard about the eclectic style. This style is characterized by mixing and matching different styles. Due to this characteristic, many people choose this style to combine furniture in their modern and stylish decoration.

eclectic modern decor

You can choose different pieces that inspire you without having to match. You could easily combine furniture of different styles and times. Even different colors as if you wanted to refer to the 70s. It is worth mentioning that that era was that of eclectic furniture.

modern eclectic style decor

Mirrors to accentuate the decor

Adding mirrors in the decoration of a room, you will automatically be adding life and brightness to the space. Mirrors have an almost magical ability to make a room appear bigger and brighter. So they can be used to visually expand the size of small spaces. You may not like mirrors, no problem. You can also replace the mirrors with glass.

modern decor mirrors

The cushions continue in trend

Decorative cushions have always been and will continue to be a trend. Almost all decorating styles use cushions. But nothing like using cushions in a modern interior decoration. With this type of décor, you can choose a bold pattern or keep it simple with your favorite accent color.

modern decorption throw pillows

One of the most popular colors for cushions is blue. This color is not daring but it is very warm. The decorative cushions with this beautiful color can be combined with sofas of different colors. They look great on a white sofa though.

modern decor pillows

Make the most of your space

Just because you have limited space, and even have a small studio apartment, doesn’t mean you can’t have a bedroom, a living room, a kitchen, and a small dining room. You can separate the environments with slats or railings. With this you can divide the spaces and create a modern decoration in a small space.

modern decoration small space

You could even consider pull-out beds and tables to save a little more space in your cozy little home. In the same way you can add plants and natural elements to personalize your space. Whatever modern decoration you want inside your home, be true to yourself. When it comes to decorating you don’t have to sacrifice your comfort. So get inspired and choose the decoration that you like and add a touch of modernity.

modern decoration small space

modern stone fireplace decorcation

modern decorcation take advantage of space

modern home decor

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