Modern Kitchen Designs for Small Houses and Kitchen Colors

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Modern Kitchen Designs for Small Houses to elaborate with Low Budget, in Horizontal Line, ideal for Small Houses

Look a beautiful and functional kitchen, even when the space in your home is small!

The reality is that more and more people have to live in a home with little space, and this to some extent is not bad. A small house is much easier to decorate, the time to clean it is less and we usually stay in touch always, those people who live within that home, and I tell you all this, why go, it is always good to look for the positive side to Every situation

kitchen designs

Today we want to tell you a little about the designs of modern kitchens, since at the moment we want to remodel our home many times we do not have a clear idea of ​​what we want. Take note and we hope that some of these ideas will be very useful for you.

Modern kitchens for small houses
Modern kitchens for small houses

Modern kitchens 2018

modern kitchen furniture
modern kitchen furniture

But pay attention to the theme of decoration and of course, the inclusion of furniture in each area. Being your home something small, it is important to always look for functional furniture that allows you to organize the home and at the same time serve to decorate the spaces. The kitchen is an essential part of all this, and if you are not looking for a design that goes well with the size of the area, you will only saturate the area and make it look totally unbalanced. In addition, we are talking about an area of ​​the house, where we will spend considerable time, preparing food, it is because of this, that it is extremely important to make our kitchen look beautiful but organized.

Fortunately and due to the high demand in small spaces, interior designers and interior stores have been looking for solutions to meet this need. The decoration of Small kitchens, It has not been the exception, so the theme of modern designs for this space, has been gaining great popularity in recent years.

Small and modern kitchens

When we look for ideas of small and modern kitchens I usually like to see the ideas that the local stores in my city have, since I can realize the local trends that I can find and not have so many problems when wanting a design very specificIt has a Beautiful and Functional Kitchen, even when the Space of Your home is Small

Recommendation for kitchen decoration

Tip for Decorating a Small Kitchen: Always include the white tone: It will help you gain spaciousness and luminosity to space. Keep in mind that in addition, we will enhance the quality of natural light, so I recommend you also include a window in this area. It has a Beautiful and Functional Kitchen, even when the Space of Your home is Small

Given all of the above, let's go to "Ya", to know the designs of kitchens for small houses that we bring today for you... Are you ready?:

Kitchens in white with blue and black tones

Meet the kitchens in white, a great idea to decorate your kitchen with the preferred neutral tone of all people, personally the white tone for me represents

The design of the dining room, the kitchen furniture and the walls in white tones, make the place seem much larger than it really is. I love the idea of ​​including color to give it life and avoid finishing with a totally sober design, so a couple of tiles with a super retro and modernist design are included.

It is a good idea to include the dining area in this area, playing with a “U” design, especially if the space for your table does not exist at home.It has a Beautiful and Functional Kitchen, even when the Space of Your home is Small

Red and White Modern Kitchens

Red Modern Kitchens

As you will notice, there is no excuse for not having a nice and functional kitchen in the home; Proof of this is this design in a horizontal line, with kitchen drawers in white tones, functional and well structured. I love the idea of ​​including the red tone in the design, since it gives that contrast to the space.It has a Beautiful and Functional Kitchen, even when the Space of Your home is Small

Modern kitchens Mustard Black and White

What do you think? Nice truth. A small but well-accommodated space, it is fully functional and cozy. Kitchen drawers in beige tones, kitchen furniture that is included not only to be used, but also to decorate the space and a pair of bench in black tones, make this a modern and successful design.

kitchens in small spaces
kitchens in small spaces

I love this tone, remember that the mustard is with super “Full” this 2017-2018, so you should not miss the post about mustard eaters, that we have for you a Beautiful and Functional Kitchen, even when the Space Your home is small

Silver and White kitchens

I love the sobriety of the design. Drawers in white with beautiful blue in silver that give more light to the area, an ideal breakfast bar or to replace the dining area if you do not find enough space to place it.It has a Beautiful and Functional Kitchen, even when the Space of Your home is Small

Modern kitchens Dark Chocolate

If you like to opt for designs that will never go out of style, this idea is for you. Functional, organized and beautiful at the same time, in dark chocolate tones with enough lighting to balance this hue.It has a Beautiful and Functional Kitchen, even when the Space of Your home is Small

Small kitchens color Red and Chocolate

We return to a safe design if you want to include in your home something that will never go out of style, however, external elements are included to the drawers, in Red tones, which are successful, since in case you get a little bothered this tone, you simply change these elements and do not cook it in its entirety.It has a Beautiful and Functional Kitchen, even when the Space of Your home is Small

Modern kitchens Metallic blue and White

kitchen designs
kitchen designs

If you like modern and avant-garde designs, this idea is the one that would suit you best. Why not include not very common tones ?; Do not get carried away by everything that society imposes, and experiment in new designs for your home, especially if you are a person with a jovial soul. The design is minimalist in its entirety, white and blue tones in perfect balance, are framed by exquisite lighting. Also keep in mind that the kitchen designs that we tell you today is for you to take all possible ideas and replicate them in your home.


Modern kitchens Gray + Blue + White

Today we are going to talk about modern gray kitchens, they are unique, cute and sober designs. They do not exceed the shades, rather some are balancing the others, and it is ideal to be placed in the home of a newly married couple, who would not be afraid to leave a little of the everyday to achieve unique and avant-garde interior designs . For this type of ideas I love the designs of modern gray kitchens that we show you today.

Photos of gray kitchens

What tea have you found?… Don't forget to share.

Sources: Pinterest / a saga do. department.

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