Modern shelves around the door for functional storage

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Modern shelves around the door for functional storage

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There are people who live in small apartments, and there are many others that inhabit a large house. But either, in small or large spaces, we are always looking for ways to organize and maximize space in every inch of our home.

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The perfect solution? Beautiful and creative modern shelves around the doors. You will surely have more than one door in your home. Which you can take advantage of the space around each of them incredibly. With plenty of space around it you can take advantage of it for many things and make it useful.

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Maybe to place your favorite books, family memories. Or also to store your towels or your beautiful dishes, which you use on special occasions. For any of the cases, here you can be inspired by the images and ideas that we will show you. And you create a spectacular new storage space around every door in your home.

Modern shelves around the doors

Due to the constant search to maximize and have more space for storage, interior decoration has gone much further, thinking of each space to use. It's not just about taking advantage of a wall to make and place a large vertical shelf.

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But it has been thought of all the space around the doors, and that had never been taken into account. Taking this space for any type of storage is perfect for placing modern built-in shelves. In both small and large houses, every inch counts and is important.

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Well, we will show you how this forgotten area can help you with the organization of your home and of course also with your decoration. Modern shelves around the door give much more than just functionality.

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It can also be an original focus point in any decoration. And transform any room, be it a small or large library for your book collection. Although they can also be of great help at the door of your kitchen or office.

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These modern built-in shelves around the door always make a room look nice and striking. As simple as the shelves are, they give the room great appeal. Functionality and beauty is what we all want our home to have. And these shelves have it, both the architectural appeal and the functionality for intelligent and original storage.

modern wooden shelves

Give balance to your modern shelves

Sometimes we see photos that inspire us, but when we recreate it in our home, they do not have the same impact. Why? Well, almost always when you have a shelf to store, we fill it and cram things.

modern shelves books

Yes, the shelves are for better storage. But in the same way you should have a balance. Modern built-in shelves have divisions with cubicles, may, that with different sizes. Which are perfect for storing but too to decorate.

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A perfect storage or arrangement is when esthetic and visually it is a lot mtoIt's nice. This occurs when it has a diversity of sizes, textures and colors, all in harmony and balance. SIf you have an adjustable modern shelf, you can obviously play with the height of each space or cubicle.

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Y So add articles different decorative. Of course, depending on what things you have to store or decorate, could you Place items that match the colors of your furniture. This, to be part oforn mtos of the decor. Could you Think about starting, organizing your modern shelf with layers.

modern shelves decoration

That is, in the part later of the cubicles place for example some frame or artíthin ass and in front of them other elements. With this createtos depth. Even if too You can organize it by placing a single object or colorful element. But in any case, try Group Elements with similar shapes. Ybecause by nature our view always seeks to group things, So achievetos one display attractive

Create space and harmony

It is important that you avoid cramming the cubicles of your modern shelves. Try incorporating decorative elements such as large vases or statues instead of placing many small ornaments together. Do not try to fill every inch of the shelf.

green modern shelves

Let your books or your decorative items breathe and have space. Start little by little. Just place few elements, and if you see and feel that something is simple or naked, then go adding new elements until you find the balance you want.

modern kitchen shelves

Make sure your modern shelves represent you by showing, perhaps, some family heirlooms. Or collections and photos that you treasure with feeling. Depending on the room in which your shelf is, you could incorporate the tray of drinks you use to serve your guests or your child's teddy.

Create a focus point around the door

Remember that the shelves around the door, you can use them for much more than just functional storage and decorative display. You can think of the shelf of different colors to the colors of your walls. With this you will be able to place the door even more as a really striking focal point.

modern shelves kids

And give your decoration a touch of distinction. Almost always, when the walls of the room are white, the color black is usually the most popular option. However, there are other colors such as blue or paste green that are perfect for modern decorations.

small modern shelves

These modern shelves around the door reach the ceiling. But there are homes with beamed ceilings or curves where some people prefer to place the shelves a little lower. However there are other people who take advantage of that small space very ingeniously.

modern arch shelves

With modern shelves there are solutions for each room. Open spaces in interior decoration, is becoming increasingly accepted and popular. And this type of shelves around the door, is a great way to create spaces like this, with functionality.

modern shelves approach

Depending on the space you have in the rooms, you can place shelves on a large scale and in other rooms shelves with a narrower size. In the same way you can combine open cubicles with upper cubicles with doors, something like cabinets. It's all about imagination and creativity. And remember that if you have any questions, you can simply consult any expert to guide you in the wonderful world of decoration.

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