Modern showers to make a difference in your bathroom

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Decor : Modern showers to make a difference in your bathroom

Modern showers

Are you going to do renovations in the bathroom? Do you want to replace the bathtub with a shower? If you think that the moment of buy a shower has arrived, think not only of the aesthetics of it, but your needs and that of the people who are going to use it. Choose a modern shower that meets your design and wellness goals.

We use the shower daily, a good reason to choose carefully the design of the shower, don’t you agree? The modern showers they not only offer you a clean and careful design to make your bathroom a unique space, they also offer you a wide range of customization options thanks to optional equipment that will improve the bathroom experience.


What are the characteristics of a modern shower? The first and most obvious has to do with its design. Geometric shapes and simple lines define a large part of modern showers. Also its lightness; a lightness that visually expands the dimensions of the space by dispensing with solid partitioning structures.

Modern showers

Screens are also an essential element in the design of these modern showers. Tempered glass partitions, a fragile material in sight but surprisingly strong and durable that due to its characteristics contributes to creating continuity. Without frames, this type of screen removes any obstacle by visually enlarging the space. With black frames, the space gains, nevertheless actuality.

Finishes and colors

The finishes of the taps also play a very important role in the design of modern showers. Chrome, platinum and brass They are timeless classics that enhance the faucet design, placing it in the foreground when combined with a neutral black and white environment. This is not the case when applied in a shower with a colored coating; in that case they are generally in the background.

Along with these classics, the Matt black. An elegant choice that balances minimalist spaces decorated in white and gray tones. Today a symbol of modernity and rebellion against the classics. Do you dare with them?

Shower colors and finishes

Regarding color, it is important that this capture your character. Whites, grays and blacks are the most popular colors to decorate these showers, but they are not the only colors that fit contemporary interiors. Pastel pink conveys warmth and modernity; pastel green connects us with nature and grayish blue transmits freshness. And the yellow? Do you dare with yellow or other warm colors like orange?

The experiences: equipment

That water distribution be equitable in each and every nozzle is essential to have a pleasant shower. It is a basic requirement in terms of shower heads, but you can go further to make the experience round. How?

In the market you will find a great variety of rain showers and optional equipment such as electronic control elements, waterfall showers or solutions are several exit points, which will make the bathroom experience a different experience every day.

Extra shower

ThermostatsFor example, they will allow you to adjust the water temperature in fractions of a second from the remote control and keep it constant during the duration of the shower, responding instantly to any fluctuation in water pressure. Forget about constantly manipulating the temperature knob!

And if you want to go further you can incorporate in the shower sound and light modules Digitally controlled to add luxurious spa sensations to your personal bathroom. The possibilities are endless as long as you have, that is, a loose budget for the bathroom.

Modern showers combine design and customization. A simple design with clean lines with a series of elements that make the experience fit our needs and is therefore more satisfying. What would your ideal shower be like? What characteristics should it have?

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