Modular dream prefabricated homes with Hormitech

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Decor : Modular dream prefabricated homes with Hormitech

In recent years, modular manufactured homes live in a time of continuous growth. They have become a great alternative to traditional construction due to the many benefits it offers both its owners and the environment. If a few years ago many thought that prefabricated houses were synonymous with precariousness, the passage of time has made us change our point of view regarding this type of housing, largely due to the work carried out by specialized companies in this sector. as can be Hormitech.

Modern and spectacular designs

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One of the most important things that we can highlight within this type of construction is the possibility of designing modular houses as adapt to user requirements. The use of the modules offers a lot of play in terms of design, being able to create buildings with a very modern style and very attractive for all to see, in a faster and more efficient manner.

Although design is important, it is also important to use quality materials for it. In the case of Hormitech, they have been using panels of architectural concrete that offer thermal and acoustic insulation, thus improving the comfort of the home.

Each section that will be part of the house is manufactured following some strict quality controls that are achieved thanks to the use of industrialized technology. When all the sections are available, they are assembled in the place where the house will be.

Homes with better energy efficiency

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It is increasingly common that when designing a home, work is done in search of better energy efficiency. Prefabricated houses were not going to be less, offering important benefits to seek the best possible efficiency. Let’s look at some of the most important points.

Better insulation

The use of insulated concrete panels has been proven to prevent energy from being lost, which translates into greater savings.

Greater comfort is achieved inside

As we have already mentioned, the concrete panels that Hormitech uses have an insulation system against noise, also offering a better thermal behavior. This makes it possible to guarantee a constant temperature, regardless of the variations that occur outside.

Greater economic savings

By having a better level of insulation, the energy required to enjoy a comfortable temperature inside will be lower, which in the end will translate into significant financial savings for the owner.

More sustainable homes

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Sustainability is another aspect that architects have been working on when designing new homes. We are increasingly aware of the importance of caring for the natural environment, and this is reflected when building any type of home. This can be seen in the resources used, since it is usually necessary to use less water and energy. In addition, the waste generated is less since the entire process is carried out in the factory under strict control.

It is also important to note that concrete structures they are more resistant to the passage of time and the formation of cracks. This greater resistance translates into a lower maintenance cost.

Finally, it is also important to note that when using concrete for its construction, the durability of this type of housing is usually greater than that offered by houses of traditional construction.

In the event that you are thinking of building a house, manufactured homes can become one of the best options on the market. Houses with very attractive designs and high quality. What more could you ask for?

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