Most frequent decorative mistakes to avoid

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Decor : Most frequent decorative mistakes to avoid

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We love decoration, we get an idea in our head and we quickly decide to capture it. But sometimes it is not so simple, because we can find certain obstacles in our home. Hence, today we are going to see what the decorative errors more frequent and that we must think before acting.

With just a few simple steps, we can already have the interior decoration that we like so much. But to get it right, it is always necessary to bet on it. Great ideas to be able to leave your home as you had imagined it. Do you dare with it? So don’t miss out on everything that follows.

Don’t think about the points of light

Before starting the decoration as such, we must always think about the points and areas of light. Since we must make the most of them. The decoration depends on them and that is why the main areas such as the dining room or the living room should always be focused on those places. So when we use it, we have good lighting. If it cannot be natural, the same will happen with artificial light. We must bet on the areas that we use the most and illuminate them much more.

basic decoration errors

Not doing a good distribution of the furniture

We can make the mistake of buying different types of furniture, because we like them, and cramming the rooms. Although we know that it is one of the most frequent decorative errors, we do not always correct it. It is best to follow the minimalism technique where less is more. Bet on the necessary furniture and if you want a little more storage, think about options anchored to the wall, for example. If you have no other option and want to continue betting on the furniture, then always choose very light shades and distribute mirrors around the rooms to make there more light and not see everything so concentrated.

Avoid gluing all the furniture towards the ends

Walls are helpful, but they can also be the opposite. If you are one of the people who tends to place the furniture stuck in it, then try to vary this technique. It is best to do a combination because if everyone goes to the extremes, we will have a large central space. Try to take advantage of it with auxiliary furniture, depending on the area to be decorated. Coffee tables, reading corners or rugs can also help us do this.

decorative errors

Not giving importance to size, another of the decorative errors

Size does matter here, because you have to try mold the decoration to the space what we have. When it is small if we buy a very large piece of furniture, then it will be reduced much more. We must opt ​​for furniture more in keeping with the size, as well as the decorative elements. It will always be better to buy two paintings than one or decorate with two small lamps than one very large one. Don’t you think?

Don’t risk more in combinations

We love combining colors and textures, but without going overboard. It is true that if we do everything very linear, we will end up getting bored sooner than we think. Therefore, it is always good to opt for a bit of originality. In the case of colors you can choose one of preference and another that accompanies it, up to a maximum of three. Meanwhile in matter of materials or textures, you can always choose at will. Also bet on decorating with many cushions and details that provide warmth.

Not taking things easy

It is true that when we are decorating, we want to have everything ready as soon as possible. It’s something that has happened to all of us, but we must be prudent. Because if we buy the furniture or the details, it can also be another of the great decorative errors or errors. We must fit the pieces together as if it were a puzzle. So that we can see how it looks and what we really need.

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