Most luxurious houses – The best tricks you should copy

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Decor : Most luxurious houses – The best tricks you should copy

most luxurious houses

Because when we see the most luxurious houses Of the famous we always catch our attention a number of details. Well now we can apply those same ones in our houses, so that they also fill with style and elegance. Because with small steps we will always get the best ideas.

It is true that the first thing is always to integrate every detail, but according to our needs. The important thing is the warmth that any stay can give us. So it’s not just copy tricks, but bet on personalizing them. Only then we will get a more than perfect interior. Shall we start with it?

The finishes in gold color, one of the must in the most luxurious houses

It joins one of the great trends of the season and always endures the passage of time. The gold finish is one of the most sought after by all. Because on the one hand, it brings that shine that we always need at all times. So the rooms will leave us the warmth that we are really looking for. So in addition, gold is always a fairly simple color to integrate: From door handles to bathroom or kitchen faucets, but without forgetting decorative details such as photo frames or vases, etc. An elegant color where there are, but that also allows us to dress the home in an elegant way. What are we waiting for?

golden frames

Slate or black walls

It is true that perhaps when painting the walls the color black does not appear anywhere. Because as we know and think, rooms need a light touch and light colors to make it look bigger or brighter. But the most luxurious houses bet on it, in smaller spaces. That is, sometimes we can find slate walls for the kitchen. But especially when we have a spacious kitchen and we want to give it the most original finish with something like that. It is not necessary to paint an entire wall, even with a part or corner of it in black is more than enough. But if the room is really big and bright, you can go for this color.

Dare with the mix of materials!

Sometimes we focus on one idea and it does not let us see that we can also make several stand out in the same way. Yes, it seems that the mix of materials and textures is really a great idea. If we think of one of the most luxurious houses, surely it has it. Therefore, it is another of the tricks that could not be missed. Leather is perfect for the sofa or velvet to add it in the form of curtains or decorative blankets. It seems that it is another of the great ideas in this type of decoration, so you can make the precise combinations. The only thing that is recommended is that the spaces are not too crowded. Hence, we must measure what we really mix and in what type of rooms.

elegant rooms

Bet on the usual materials

As we well know, wood is one of the most sought after. Because it adds that naturalness that we like so much, but it does not come alone because in addition, it will also be marble that can be integrated into your home. As well as stone, which also brings good taste and an extra elegance. Completing a decoration with such coverings is always synonymous with good taste. Small details that add to the trend of wanting a much more complete home and in style. Since as we see, it is not necessary to contribute too expensive ideas to be able to have one of the most luxurious houses we have always dreamed of.

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