Multifunctional furniture to decorate small spaces

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Decor : Multifunctional furniture to decorate small spaces

Multifunctional furniture

Furnish small spaces it is an exercise in creativity. Betting on modular furniture with reconfigurable elements or multifunctional furniture becomes a necessity. With them we not only manage to maximize space, but also maximum functionality.

The multifunctional furniture They provide us with two or three pieces of furniture in the space that one would normally occupy. A feature that is key to reducing visual noise in a certain room and therefore to making it a more pleasant and welcoming space.


Why bet on multifunctional furniture to decorate small spaces? Maximize space is the main reason. Why place two or three pieces of furniture where only one is needed? Every inch counts in the smallest spaces and filling them should be far from our goal.

FLOP by Elena Sidorova

  • They maximize space. You will not need to tear down any walls to get more space in your house; With the right functional furniture you can earn meters. Also, why occupy the space with a piece of furniture that you are only going to use occasionally? Multifunctional furniture allows you to generally cover a priority need and other secondary ones.
  • They contribute to order. Many pieces of furniture in a small space generate visual noise, which makes the space not only appear smaller but also more cluttered.
  • Are profitable. Multifunctional furniture requires, for the most part, a significant investment. Its initial price, however, will not surprise you so much if you add the price of all the furniture that you would need to achieve the same functionality. Do your math!

4 examples of multifunctional furniture

Do you need examples of multifunctional furniture? At Bezzia we show you five below, designed to cover different needs. They are not the only ones, you can find furniture with other functionalities or with the same but with a different design.

Passo table

There are many reasons to bet on a coffee table like Passo, which thanks to a telescopic mechanism, it can become a large dining table. Whether you do not have space to place a traditional dining table, or if you prefer to dedicate the space it would occupy to other activities, Passo is a great alternative. It can seat 10 people when fully extended (236cm).

Being adjustable to various heights, in addition, you can use it too as a work table when you’re sitting on the couch. Bring the table close to the sofa, adjust the height and place your computer and / or all your papers on it.

Passo table - Ressource

Visitor side table

This multifunctional furniture hides inside a bean bag that will serve as an extra seat when you have a visitor or to rest your feet while you are on the sofa. The fabric can be easily removed for machine washing, which is very practical. And the structure that surrounds it will in turn act as a side table. You can use it to place the coffee cup, your favorite book or the laptop.

Visitor auxiliary furniture

Cube Chair / Table

Cube is a proposal from the Small Design firm, a firm specialized in creating furniture for children characterized by its functional, colorful and geometric design. This furniture is very useful when children are young because of the many possibilities it offers; It can be a chair or a table depending on which position each piece is placed. And when the child grows up you can use it as night tables or side table.

Cube chair / table

Sofa / Flop Bed

Dedicating a room to guests in a small home is not usually possible. Even in a large one it does not have to be a priority. However, we all like to have a extra bed and to meet that need, sofa beds are born.

Flop is a sofa bed made with natural materials, with good ergonomics both seating and resting and storage space for bedding. A sofa that thanks to its size you can place in any room and that will allow you to welcome a guest.

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